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Jonathan March 25, 2021

These are information regarding the Terms of Use of the website pubgpc.net. This site has specific policies to collect information and protect our users.

In order for the experience on the pubgpc.net website to be uninterrupted, you must read the Terms of use and Privacy Policy. It is essential to read and understand that information because it directly affects your rights. Besides, the content will help you understand and stick together for a longer time. So we have dedicated this article to you. Hope you will read them carefully and apply them in battle.

PUBG is proud to be the leading game in the battle royale genre. Therefore, a healthy environment for everyone to have fun together is what we aim for. However, doing it alone is difficult. Please give us a hand. Just read, understand and apply the Terms of use. Our website is not official. We only own informational content in text format. We also do not hold any image and game copyrights.

PUBG Survivor's Guide
PUBG Survivor’s Guide

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a place that tells you what information this game will collect from you and how we manage that data. In addition, there are instructions on how to deal with strange detection. Therefore, this policy is very important, you should read them before you start playing games.


Our team is always ready to welcome and answer your questions. Therefore, please contact us when needed. Besides, every time we play games is also the time we communicate with each other. However, the images and games are not copyrighted by this website, so sometimes the chat will be interrupted. Please try to comply with our communication laws so that you can experience fairness.

Rules for users when using our online services

  • Do not conduct illegal betting
  • Denounce people with dangerous behaviors
  • Do not use threatening language
  • Comply with the rules set out
  • Advertisement

Occasionally there will be advertisements that interrupt your emotional pulse. However, please take the time to wait a few seconds to press skip. If you are not satisfied with the ad content please contact us immediately.


Our website is an independent news site related to this game, where you can read and your enemies are controlled by real people. So make sure you have an internet connection before you begin.

User account

We are not responsible for managing your account. Therefore, the protection of the gaming account username or password will be at your sole discretion.

Data protection

All data about you will be managed and protected by us in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Specifically, please read the Privacy Policy before playing.

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