Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card Is Running In PUBG PC

Prepare yourself for the introduction of the third Survivor Pass: Wild Card in PUBG game! The PUBG dev team is so excited to make an official announcement on releasing Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card that offers lots of new cosmetic items, a spy file theme, as well as many wonderful rewards.

Survivor Pass Season 3 Wild Card Is Running In PUBG PC

Things you need to know about Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card in PUBG PC Emulator

The way the Wild Card works is just similar to the former Survivor Passes that used to make PUBG PC gameplay much better, together with the main pass that enables all gamers to gain a lot of free rewards. If you want to explore further rewards, even including some new cosmetic pieces, don’t be hesitant to purchase the Premium Survivor Pass for $9.99. Once you have bought it, the Floral Bomber Jacket item will be directly sent to you, together with a full right to get access to some extra rewards for finishing premium missions.

Feel free and relax because you will have up to 10 weeks to finish as much of the pass as you can, which will give you awesome rewards and coupon once you obtain new levels. The coupons have so many colors, including Blue, Yellow, and White. You will get each of them with each level up. Then, you can use them to swap for random crate keys in the Coupon Shop. If you don’t want to do that or just simply need to supplement your current level, level packs will be accessible for you to buy again, which gives you the rewards from those levels instantly.

Besides that, the difficulty of tasks has just been tweaked as well. The PUBG dev team attached a chain of challenge missions mostly concentrating on your abilities with certain weapons. If all of these missions are finished, a special and beautiful skin for that weapon will be unlocked. If you aim at a new and stylish way to present your Tommy Gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, or M16A4 skills, make sure you finish those.

Are you still waiting for getting access to Survivor Pass: Wild Card? Wait no more because it is currently available now and will run until 7 PM PDT on June 4. Let’s check it out now for more missions, earning XP and various awesome new cosmetic items.

Don’t forget to visit Survivor Pass Microsite where you can have more details on this.

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