Revealing The Latest PUBG PC Update 4.2 Patch Notes With New Update Features

The latest patch note 4.2 of PUBG PC is packed with great features that help upgrade gameplay performance. Let’s dive into this latest update and check out all of them!

PUBG PC Update 4.2 Patch Notes has just been released with a wide range of PUBG new update features in terms of both gameplay and other physical interactions in PUBG game. This is the latest PUBG Update patch notes promising to better the gameplay performance a lot. Below here are all PUBG PC Patch Notes 4.2 details that players should take a look at!

What’s new in PUBG PC Patch Notes 4.2?


  • Vehicle control improvement
    • The control ability of some vehicles in PUBG PC has been strongly improved, which helps players find it much easier when controlling some vehicles, such as scooter, snowbike, snowmobile, and motorcycle with sidecar.
Easily Control Your Vehicle On Snow Terrain In PUBG PC 4.2 Update
Easily Control Your Vehicle On Snow Terrain In PUBG PC 4.2 Update
  • Blue Zone edge visual effect alteration
    • To improve the game experience for players, the light effect that used to be spotted on the edge of the Blue Zone will no longer appear in the middle of the screen where players are aiming.
  • Improved the visibility of sight and scope reticles against bright backgrounds
  • Adjusted throwables friction
The Throwables Friction Adjustment Can Help You Throw Grenades Easily In PUBG PC
The Throwables Friction Adjustment Can Help You Throw Grenades Easily In PUBG PC
  • Thanks to the grenade friction adjustment, the rolling motion becomes more suitable and predictable.
    • Smoke grenades: The friction has been increased to reduce the rolling speed and cause them to roll a shorter distance after coming in contact with the surface.
    • Stun and frag grenades: The friction has been decreased to grow the rolling speed and the distance that they can move after coming in contact with the surfaces.
  • Car Engine toggle: Now, it’s easy to toggle the car engine by using key Z
    • You can turn off the engine while driving
    • When the engine is turned off, press key Z to speed up, or press key Z to restart the engine.
    • The car engine will turn off automatically if the vehicle stays unmoved for 8 seconds or 2 seconds after the driver leaves.
It's So Easy To Toggle The Car Engine In PUBG PC New Update
It’s So Easy To Toggle The Car Engine In PUBG PC New Update
  • Sound system improvement:
    • Added master volume preview to PUBG PC. You can preview the main volume in the menu, which allows you to set the maximum level of the volume.
    • Added instant volume reducer: To decrease the volume of the game, you use key F7, while you can maintain the chat volume by voice. Press F7 once again to reset it to the main volume.


  • Overcast weather on PUBG Erangel map
Obscure Weather On Erangel Map In PUBG PC
Obscure Weather On Erangel Map In PUBG PC
  • When a match commences with obscure weather on Erangel, the weather can flexibly switch between obscure, windy, hailing, light rain, heavy rain (rain with thunder) and fog.
  • Added objects that can be destroyed
    • The pylons and barricades can be destroyed by means of transport, weapons, and explosions, but they will receive a certain amount of damage until they are completely destroyed.
Many Destructible Objects Were Added To PUBG PC 4.2 Update
Many Destructible Objects Were Added To PUBG PC 4.2 Update
  • Decreased the wind noise volume level on Vikendi map
  • Eliminated all signs and logos of PUBG Esports


  • Helmet, vest, and backpack capacity are now better visualized on the UI
  • Weapon firing mode is now also visualized by icons rather than text.

Custom Match

  • Added new Erangel map to Custom Match. The new PUBG Erangel map will be called “Erangel”, and the old map will be called “Erangel Classic”. Players can get access to these maps in all PUBG modes.
  • The team leaderboard UI that is visible in the Observer mode has been changed to permit 4 character team tags instead of 3 like before.


  • Players are no longer able to see the old replay files from the previous update versions.

Skins and items

  • New items purchased with BP
    • 2 new BattleStat skins for Vector and SLR
    • 2 Madsy Shoes
  • Added Regional Esports Baseball Bat skins to celebrate PUBG Esports Phase 3 2019
  • Added Rabbit Season Set items that can be found in the Featured Page of the in-game store.

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