PUBG Xbox One Update Available Now!

The newest PUBG Xbox One Update

PUBG Xbox One has been updated! It is a release for the Xbox One edition based on the original for the PC platform, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It has been kicked off and includes some important modifications. Actually, you are able to look up a big update with numerous requested bug fixes inside, along with a DVR support for your game, more importantly, remove a single beginning zone for every participant.

The Newest PUBG Xbox One Update
The Newest PUBG Xbox One Update

At the moment, PUBG has many pre-match starting areas. The matter before was that, with 100 people in the same place, PUBG’s performance was reduced on the server and client sides. Aside from that, the weapons have been discarded from those regions.

The other gameplay changes will introduce to you something related diminishing the damage taken from objects like rocks, trees, and uneven terrains. Especially, the squad member colors should be clearer. You can deploy the right stick to spin at the customization menu.

About the issues that players encountered, plenty of them have been fixed. For example, some water sound effects were broken. As well, there is a bug in which you could swiftly move to another location after landing. The latest PUBG Xbox One update brings back a fix reserved for a problem that a few items would float in the mid-air. If you want to dig deeper into the present version, you can check the list below. Besides, it is easy for you to look for the official PUBG Xbox One release date from forums.

PUBG Xbox One Gameplay

It is a crucial fragment which has received many improvements in PUBG Xbox One Update.

  • Given out multiple pre-match initial districts so as to make the best use of the performance of both server and game client
  • As mentioned above, the armament will be thrown away from the island when the battle is launched.
  • The game DVR is assisted for automatic recording of gameplay highlights. It can be chosen within the Options / Settings menu.
  • Developers promised to listen to vehicles feedback. They drop down the damage for you if you touch rocks, trees, and rough spots.
  • The sound effects of the water and the red-zone bombing are refined.
  • Party matchmaking will be affected by your MMR.
  • The long-range blood VFX is altered to it will come back to the original color.

UI/UX with the current PUBG Xbox One Update

After the gameplay, the UI/UX of PUBG Xbox One is also adjusted significantly.

  • Upgraded visibility of the color of squads (yellow, orange, blue and green)
  • You can select the right thumbstick to rotate your soldier while customizing him.
  • While you are picking tools to make him look better, the D-Pad can be held to swap between menus. Further, you can preview your works.

PUBG Xbox One Items

  • The design of the energy drink is improved.

Bug Fixes in PUBG Xbox One

It is necessary for the development team of PUBG Xbox One game to clear troubles reported. It will offer a smoother gaming experience.

  • Resolved the water sound effects and Red Zone bugs
  • You cannot teleport after landing anymore.
  • You can enter opened doors.
  • Fixed the bug related to recovery and boost items that could be utilized when under the water
  • The character animations will not turn from jump-prone to standing.
  • You will not die if falling while moving.
  • The bullets can travel through sides of the fencing.
  • Buildings will have stairs.
  • Stuff will not float in the air.
  • You can’t get stuck in the terrain.
  • After being invited, friends can appear.
  • Fixed when revive was canceled accidentally
  • Fixed hand animations when you loaded or fired the Kar98 in a prone situation
  • Fixed the limiting peak parachuting speed in FPP
  • Fixed where character animations could move from prone to get in a car

PUBG Xbox One Optimization/ Stability

We have several adjustments in PUBG Xbox One Update here.

  • Optimized textures with landscapes and buildings across the island to enhance the game’s performance
  • Eliminated a crash which happened when running HDR
  • Fixed a frozen character bug when connecting again
  • Fixed the issue when you visited your inventory
  • Fixed a crash while a spectated player was using a scope

PUBG Xbox One Update and Localization

  • You can opt for Russian, Japanese and Chinese (simplified/traditional) fonts.
  • Japanese only: Reset the Katakana font
  • Japanese only: Fixed the wrong order of wording within interactions
  • Portuguese only: Solved the display of height meter when you parachuted

Popular cases in PUBG Xbox One

It is the final part of the PUBG Xbox One Update.

  • The B button was inaccurately shown to cut the parachute cable. It must be X.
  • When you view the map, the X, Y, and B buttons will offer the full function. It is useful for you to escape from the airplane or vehicle when you are in motion.

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