PUBG Update 5.3 For Consoles Introduces New Changes And Upgrades

You can check out PUBG Update 5.3 Patch Notes on Xbox One and PS4. The latest update contains new changes and upgrades for gameplay, settings, as well as bug fixes.

Are you ready for the last PUBG update of 2019 which has arrived? With PUBG Update 5.3 for consoles, it will bring a better PUBG experience to all Consoles users who are playing PUBG game right now. When PUBG Season 5commences coming to its conclusion, a wide array of great updates will be brought to all players. You can now check out this PUBG 5.3 patch notes for PS4/XBox One for many feature adjustments, gameplay upgrades, better improvements, bug fixes, and so forth.

Note: No PUBG Test Server Update was made for PUBG Console Update 5.3

Live Maintenance Schedule:

  • PST: December 18, 4:30 PM ~ December 19, 10:30 PM
  • CET: December 19, 1:30 AM ~ December 19, 7:30 AM

Live maintenance schedule can be changed. If any changes made, you will be updated.

Recently updated on December 23rd

To lessen the cases of crashing, the development team has exploited extra patches on the dates as shown below:

  • 12/20
  • 12/22
  • 12/23

The blood effect has been changed to how it was prior to the update 5.2 to think about community feedback.

Detailed Patch Notes Update 5.3 for PUBG Consoles


Blood effect improvement

  • The size of the blood splash is combined across all color settings.
  • You will see a more different visual effect from the headshots including the neck area to guarantee a clear recognition of hit.
  • There is blood splatter on walls and floors now if the character is attacked near it.
  • Wounds on characters will give you more correct information on the body parts that have been hit.

Vending machine

  • Already mitigated the maximum number of vending machine uses from 15 to 10.

Death Cam

  • You can use the new Death Cam feature to see how you were killed.
  • You can turn on the Death Cam button (PS4: Square / Xbox: X) a few seconds after death in the results screen.

Continuous Item Use option

  • Continuous item of use of bandages, first aid kits, energy drinks, and pain killers will come into the game as an option. You will get access to Continous Item Use and use it as an option that you can set in SETTINGS – GAMEPLAY.
    • On
      • If you have at least one item mentioned above and can be used, when you use it once, you can continue using it.
    • Bandages Only:
      • Bandages are the only item you can continue using.
    • Off
      • You cannot continue using any items.
  • In spite of this option, keeping action feature will be attached.
    • If you can use various heal items, when you hold onto the item use button, it allows you to continue using the item.
    • It is unnecessary to press the item use every time you want to use the item.

Weapon Mastery

Favorite Weapon

  • You are now permitted to pick your “favorite weapon” in the mastery tab.
  • The weapon that was picked will appear as the first weapon stat in your PUBG ID, no matter which level it is at.
  • You will “favorite” the weapon if you click R-Stick(Xbox)/R3(PS4) as you hover over a weapon.
    • Known Issue: At the moment, the button guide only supports English. Other languages will be attached to the game in January.
  • There is a gold star right next to a picked weapon when you favorite it.
  • Only individual weapons can be preferred, and not categories.
  • You can only have one preferred weapon.
  • Your favorite weapon will always become visible at your top list, even though you are applying the shorting feature.
Favorite Weapon
Favorite Weapon

PUBG ID: Platform Identification

  • If you want to see which platform the user is playing on, you can do this via PUBG ID.
  • There are three ways for displaying platform icons, which is similar to cross-platform play.
    • Xbox icon: Xbox players will be capable of seeing other players playing on Xbox with an Xbox icon.
    • PlayStation icon: PlayStation users can spot other players playing on PlayStation with a PlayStation icon.
    • Common icon: You will see the common icons on the PUBG IDs of players that are playing on other platforms.


Lobby Theme

  • A change will be made to lobby background, which turns it into a HAPPY HOLIDAYS theme as soon as the PUBG Patch 5.3 comes to live servers.
  • There has been a change to the lobby music, which makes the winter mood setting much easier.

Weapon HUD improvement

  • Activating healing and acceleration icons on the weapon HUD will make them flash now.
Weapon HUD improvement
Weapon HUD improvement


  • When reaching the lobby after a match is completed, the cached data will be eliminated to mitigate the rate of game crash.


  • While you are in a match, you are not allowed to change the language.


  • Eliminated all PGC signs and banners on the PUBG Miramar map.

Survivor Pass: Badlands

  • The current season of both the Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will finish on January 21 KST.
  • Survivor Pass: Beginning from January 1st, which means two weeks prior to the conclusion of Badlands, you will see a message, pop-up, and countdown on the Survivor Pass banner in the lobby. This tells you about the ending time of the Pass.
  • You can purchase Premium and Level-up items until the conclusion of the Pass.

Skins & Items

  • Items below here will be available in the Store after the PUBG Update 5.3 gets to live server:
  • 2 types of purchasable BattleStat Weapons (QBU and P1911)
  • 2 types of BP Battlestat Weapons (SKS and P92)

Bug Fixes


  • The problem with the reticle trembling throughout ADS with a 6X scope equipped was fixed.
  • The problem with the character forcibly moving when shooting DBS in some cases was fixed.
  • The problem of BRDM collision damage being higher than planned was fixed.
  • The problem with a moving disjointed player’s character floating on air when replaced by a prone character was fixed.
  • The problem with vehicles being unable to move when getting stuck in tree branches in some cases was fixed.


  • The issue of players being bumped into the air when moving close to some objects was decreased.


  • The problem with the ammo of one weapon getting an update in the inventory when more than one weapon being held using a similar ammo type was addressed.
  • The issue about the size of the character being shown wrongly in the lobby when reaching lobby after the preview of the PGC 2019 bundle was fixed.
  • The issue of character rending being completed late when changing gender while making a character was addressed.
  • The issue of the item equipped icon and new item notification showing up at the same area in the CUSTOMIZE menu was fixed.
  • The issue of the framerate priority and resolution priority option being shown wrongly in SETTINGS was solved. (Xbox One X).
  • The problem with the acceleration buff icon being shown wrongly on weapon HUD.
  • The issue of the limitation of moving in the lobby after taking some actions when in the Last Match report screen was fixed.
  • The issue of healing message UI disappearing when the system menu being opened while in healing was addressed.

Skins and Items

  • The issue of [BATTLESTAT] Refined Mictlantecuhtli Groza kill count being shown wrongly was fixed.
  • The issue of the thighs of the character being shown wrongly when putting on some skins was fixed.

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