PUBG Update #29: Additions and big changes

Update #29 with more features for PUBG PC and many major changes

PUBG Update 29 is one of the big patches in which you will find additions and balances. Along with the info on the updates, you will find some notifications when you are allowed to gather XP and obtain rewards. Do not ignore the UI section and other ones!

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card with PUBG update 29

It is the most remarkable part of the current PUBG Update. It is made to become different as below:

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will be finished on June 5 when the live servers are shifted to the maintenance phase. You can claim collected rewards and buy stuff from the Coupon shop until June 26. The Premium Pass and Level Up Tickets will be bought and enhanced until love server maintenance on June 5. Time remaining for the Survivor Pass will be shown in PUBG for 2 weeks prior to the end-date.


Since PUBG Update 29, it is possible to keep track of your achievements and details related to earned prizes, levels, with the mission status on the Results page after the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card stops!

Grace Period

It is a good chance for those who download PUBG for PC to seize that opportunity to get perks and XP after the Survivor Pass is concluded, from June 5 to June 26.

PUBG gameplay update

Like other titles, PUBG Gameplay will play an important role during the adventure of participants. It is supplied with essential improvements which have been expected by gamers for a long time.

The second rebalance for Vikendi

It is a new featured PUBG stage of Update #29 that the development team worked hard to turn it into the heaven of snipers, with the following differences:

  • Have a few specific modifications reserved for Blue zone
  • To increase the gameplay experience for people staying on the Vikendi map, the earliest safe area will be located in more regions and the waiting time between certain blue zone levels has been decreased.
  • The match that you engage in after you download PUBG for PC will prolong for 90 seconds.
  • Adjusted the spawn rate of vehicles Snowbike & Snowmobile
  • Changed the loot appearing rate
    • Increased AR’s by 1.4x, DMR’s by 2x, and SR’s by 7x
    • It is easier to catch sight of attachments.
    • Reduced the number of SMGs, Shotguns, and Pistols
  • Balanced the items dropping rate on the entire map
  • Added more materials in the Secret Cave
  • Have extra MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumbgrip with Laser Sight
  • Discarded Win9 and R45
  • Altered the Moonlight weather effect
Grab a Flare Gun and call for crates to master PUBG Gameplay sooner!
Grab a Flare Gun and call for crates to master PUBG Gameplay sooner!

General Gameplay

Aside from PUBG new weapons attached to the latest Update 29, you can notice numerous advancements for the rest.

  • At present, players in PUBG PC will not be able to throw grenades through a wire mesh, especially wire fences.
Download PUBG for PC and enjoy the Tactical Map Markers!
Download PUBG for PC and enjoy the Tactical Map Markers!
  • It is simple to interact with the Tactical Map Markers! It offers 6 marker types for special situations, for example, Attack, Danger, Defend, Loot, Regroup, and Vehicle. If you’d like to deploy these buttons, you need to open the world map and press down the Right mouse so the Tactical Map Marker wheel can pop up on the screen. Next, you can opt for whichever to operate. Note! Each person can only put one Tactical Map Marker or Standard marker at once. Tactical Map Markers can be visible on the map, minimap, and compass in the same method.
It's extremely easy to release a grenade or more after PUBG update 29!
It’s extremely easy to release a grenade or more after PUBG update 29!
  • Updated the Throwables Crosshair so you and any competitors can determine the utilization of overarm or underarm throwing stance without effort
  • Ameliorated parachuting UI
  • Amended the Flare Gun UI from PUBG Update 29:
    • The Flare Gun Crosshair has been modified to work as a circle when you aim at the accurate spot to summon a Care Package or the Armored UAZ.
    • Besides, the Flare Gun status UI found after calling for them is updated.
    • The green flashing light cannot be seen when the supplies are dropped from the plane.
  • Have more minimap enhancements: Teammates who are outside of your instant minimap can receive the icon and the status at the edge of that map. Thus, you can recognize their location and condition.

PUBG update 29: Custom match

After Gameplay, a new featured PUBG portion, we will head to another.

  • Supplemented Spawn Kit Selection Option to War Mode, War Mode: Conquest and Normal Mode in Custom Matches.
  • Spawn Kit Selection Options include distinct packs: War Mode, War mode: Conquest and Battle Royale.

War Mode, War mode: Conquest

  • Original Kits gives you:
    • AR, Shotguns, SMG, Western, Overpower, Handguns
  • Utility Kits will consist of:
    • Assault: M416, R1895, Level 1 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, Bandages
    • Medic: UMP, Sawed-off, Level 3 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, First Aid Kit, Med kit, Painkiller, Adrenaline Syringe, Critical Response Kit
    • Support: S12K, Scorpion, Level 2 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, Grenade, Bandages, Mechanic’s Toolbox
    • Scout: Kar98K, P18C, Level 1 Helmet & Vest, Ghillie Suit, Ammo, Bandages
A cooler minimap with PUBG Update 29
A cooler minimap with PUBG Update 29

Battle Royale

It is the final slice of Spawn Kit Selection Options in PUBG Update 29. It comes up with Standard Kits and Utility Kits

  • Standard Kits has:
    • Handguns, Shotguns
  • Utility Kits is equipped with:
    • Battle Kit: Crossbow
    • Survival Kit: Adrenaline Syringe, Pan
    • Armor Kit: Level 1 Helmet & Vest
    • Support Kit: Critical Response Kit, Mechanic’s Toolbox

Equipment with maps not existing in the previous PUBG update

Plenty of crucial upgrades dissimilar to PUBG Update 28 here

  • More Custom Match Spawn Kit Items:
  • Both of the Critical Response Kit and Mechanic’s Toolbox have been recently thrown into PUBG PC Download so you can take through Spawn Kits in Custom Matches. If you are staying in Standard Combat, you can’t search for them.
    • Critical Response Kit is chosen to revive your buddies faster.
    • Meanwhile, Mechanic’s Toolbox is helpful to repair your vehicles without getting off them.
  • Added Camp Jackal Map to War Mode: Conquest so you can pick Camp Jackal when you are joining Training Mode Map for War Mode: Conquest in Custom Matches.
  • The Observer feature is enhanced: Kick and Report buttons will have distinctive icons. The Report switch can show itself in the player list when you watch match replays. Additionally, the font of damage indicators while supervising is also made better.
Download PUBG for PC and parachute to feel now!
Download PUBG for PC and parachute to feel now!

UI/UX in PUBG update 29

It is a chapter that developers are obligatory to keep an eye on when they planned to refine and generate a new featured PUBG.

  • Improved Store Item Preview UI:
  • If you display something before it is opened to the public while that set has multiple items, the function will be separated into 3 sorts to grant a stronger view, for instance, Character, Weapon, and Parachute.
  • Choosing an artifact from a group to implement will produce a bigger image.
  • You can equip/unequip them easily.
  • It’s impossible to look through walls as before!

Other renovations and bug fixes from PUBG update 28

Here are some typical refinements in PUBG Update 29.

  • Fixed a vehicle that could slip more than expected when you were driving it
  • Fixed the issue involved in bullets which traveled through walls
  • Fixed a problem that happened and blocked healing items from being used while you were wielding firearms or grenades
  • Removed the sound issue when equipping/unequipping weapons or adding attachments for guns
  • Some bugs on Sanhok will not be seen.

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