PUBG Update #28 Now Available!

PUBG Update #28

The new PUBG update contains interesting stuff such as the Weapon Mastery system, a cool collection of Broadcaster Royale skins, with loot increase on the Erangel map, and so on. In other words, PUBG Update #28 is currently active on live servers. It has already introduced a fantastic weapon progression to the awesome PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, which is in the form of Weapon Mastery. Besides, it appears together with many Broadcaster Royale outer layers and more items to collect on the path, especially in Erangel. To see more details on Weapon Mastery, you can access the Dev Letter called “Introducing: Weapon Mastery”. As well, you are able to watch the report related to the patch in the following video as an overview of changes for PUBG PC from Update #28.

If you’d like to search for more info involved in what was fixed, improved, or added, please have a look over the detailed Patch Update #28 Notes! Now, we will scan a few key items in Update #28.

PUBG Weapon Mastery

Our PUBG update comes with Weapon Mastery. It’s easy to obtain the full stats and charms from the complete arsenal as you develop your skill level on all signature guns that you have used during the match. You may hope to immerse yourself into Weapon Mastery to master every method which allows you to gain the best medals, charms, and more.

The most requested ChocoTaco skins are regarded as a piece of Broadcaster Royale Group 6. They are gettable. SHROUD, WackyJacky, and others launched objects with cosmetics not existing before. Therefore, you or any players will have the chance to drop onto the playfield and experience PUBG Gameplay in style. It’s recommended to run one’s eye over the Broadcast Royale looks!


As the promise from the development team as part of the rebalance of Erangel, PUBG Update offers plenty of resources which can be looted scattered across the original Battlegrounds map. So as to verify that, you can hop into the arena at the moment to scavenge good guns, with gear and the target. Are you willing to have fun with the update? Remember to feedback if you get any trouble within combat!

Thanks for reading!

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