PUBG Update 11.1: Test Server Is Now Available For All Players To Experience!

PUBG Update 11.1 brings you to the most intense map, allows you to immediately transfer players to the safe area and a lot more interesting features!

PUBG Update 11.1 is now available and players can invite friends to try the Test Server for brilliant feelings! Let’s invite your friends to play and become one of the first players to try this server! Let’s check out these new highlights in this PUBG Update right now!

What is new about PUBG Update 11.1 Test Server?

This new update version takes you back to the intense Paramo map, where you take part in endless battles. The Emergency Pickup includes transporting players to a protected zone rapidly. The 11.1 version highlights Killfeed refreshes, better approaches to discover and add companions, new Match Log, and then some.

Get back to the Paramo plateau with the refreshed territory and new game modes accessible. In the interim, you can evaluate the most recent weapon balance refreshes that incorporate harm increments for the Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L.

You can likewise make 10 recently added Mastery Medals to build your restored PUBG ID. On bigger maps, convey another Emergency Pickup for the fast vehicle to safe zones for you and your group. 11.1 likewise has Killfeed refreshes, better approaches to discover and add companions, new Match Log, and that’s just the beginning.

All cool rewards in Ranked Season 10

Season 10 is throughout now and it’s an ideal opportunity to get your prizes, after an intense Ranked Season. Prizes will be consequently appropriated to your stock upon login toward the start of Season 11.

The new skin of the parachute is coming up in season 11!
The new skin of the parachute is coming up in season 11!

Season 10 prizes are conceded depending on your season’s last positioning.

Ranked Icons

  • A solitary symbol for every level, open to all players who have accomplished rankings in Season 10. When you equip these Rank Icons, it shows your level that you have reached in the previous season.

Season 10 Ranked Skin Parachute

  • Open to all players with a Platinum rank or higher.

Positioned season 10 Mirado Skin

  • All players with a Gold rank or higher will receive this skin.

Season 11 Ranked mode is open now!

A lot of changes are made and added in this new season!
A lot of changes are made and added in this new season!

First is the change in ranking rewards:

  • From Gold or higher, players will earn ranked skin (in the past, you need to reach Platinum rank to earn it).
  • Vehicle skins are not a Ranking prize anymore.
  • Animated symbols are for Platinum or higher.
  • Master and Top 500 likewise get Name Tag and Emblem

Second is the prize table, it also come up with updates:

  • For the Bronze Rank, players will earn the bronze PUBG ID symbol
  • Silver Rank: Silver PUBG ID Emblem
  • Rank Gold: ID symbol PUBG Gold Emblem; Parachute skin
  • Diamond Rank: PUBG Diamond Emblem ID Icon; Parachute skin
  • Animated Master: PUBG Animated Master ID Icon; Parachute skin
  • Top 500: Top 500 name tag; Unlock the name tag

Positioning prizes will be available in your stock when Season 11 shows up Live Server and you can easily use it!

PUBG 11.1: The return of Paramo!

Haven and Karakin must say goodbye to players.
Haven and Karakin must say goodbye to players.

Paramo got back to the Normal and Custom matches, while Haven and Karakin map needed to be replaced.

So what are new updates in this Paramo map? Let’s check it out.

  • The landscape on Paramo actually has irregular components, presently with an extra arbitrary area capacity.
  • Things bring forth rates expanded in Secret Rooms and Care Package Helicopter.
  • Improve landscape and add extra mulch to fields.

For typical matches, the matches is coming with changes:

  • Up to 64 players can play in one match (counting bots).
  • Supports both TPP and FPP in Solo/Duo/Squad.

For Custom match, there are some settings:

  • Presently accessible in Custom Matches
  • Added Secret Room Key to alternatives that show up
  • Sandbox mode is currently accessible

Weapon details update


  • Increased damage is raised up by +1. (46 → 47)


  • Increased damage is improved by +2. (41 → 43)


  • Increased damage is higher by +1. (41 → 42)


  • The horizontal recoil is increasing up to 15%.
  • The recoil recovery rate decreases from 2.1 down to 1.9


  • Horizontal recoil magnitude raises up by 5%
  • Horizontal recoil speed is up from 10 to 11
  • The vertical recoil speed improves by +1.5 (15 → ​​16.5)

New cool feature: Emergency Pickup allows you to immediately move to the safe zone

At the point when Emergency PickUp is conveyed, a Fulton Balloon is delivered from its pocket. At the point when the Balloon is completely swelled and takes off, an airplane will show up in 60 seconds. During this time, up to 4 players can connect themselves to the Fulton Balloon ropes. At the point when that plane shows up, it will catch the Balloon, lift the player and head towards the focal point of the Safe Zone.

For anytime, players can demand to get a Fulton Balloon
For anytime, players can demand to get a Fulton Balloon

In some flights, players can parachute themselves and parachute down. While sending the Emergency Pickup ensures that the region is liberated from impediments (landscape, vehicles, structures) and has a reasonable perspective on the sky, else it will fizzle. The Emergency Vehicle can’t be utilized before the main circle and after the fourth circle, so use it astutely. It likewise will not work when you use it inside, on a ship or train.

The Emergency Pickup is a lootable thing just accessible on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi that can be conveyed in your stock.

Crisis pick-ups can be utilized successfully in the accompanying cases:

  • Being caught somewhere down in the Blue Zone or unfit to cross it
  • Need to cross a vacant parcel with little cover while getting together with another group
  • At the point when you and your partners need to track down a more secure plunder position

If it’s not too much trouble, note the accompanying when you are gotten via plane:

  • Once got by plane, you can’t shoot, so be careful about shooting while you are noticeable all around .. particularly if there is a Motor Glider around.
  • Players on the rope can take harm and are in this way vulnerable to airborne assaults from the Motor Glider.
  • Players can unplug the rope whenever and convey a parachute.
  • At heights under 50 meters, however incapable to convey.
  • The TPP point of view was locked during the excursion.

Updated Mastery Medals in season 11

Ten new Master Medal classes have been added.

  • While the main decoration update centers around fight slaughtering abilities, this update adds awards zeroing in on an assortment of battle situations and ongoing interaction.
  • For instance, awards have been added for missed triumphs, thumping down whole adversary crews, starting to lead the pack in some disastrous circumstances, and even in light of good coordination with your group.

Authority Medals can be acquired in both Regular and Ranked Matches, yet not Arcade, Lab, and Custom Matches. Every award determines the game mode they can get.

The Match Log will allow you to count how many opponents in the fight!

Since the content executes feed was not, at this point upheld, the group added another screen for survey match logs utilizing the current content murder feed highlight.

In PUBG Update 11.1, Killfeed is updated to improve visibility

Presently, killfeed utilizes just designs, with the content just choice not, at this point upheld. The DBNO and headshot symbols are currently independent for improved visibility.

Things and Skin

There are a lot of skin players need to explore!
There are a lot of skin players need to explore!

PUBG Update 11.1 promises to bring all players the best experience that they have ever tried! So don’t hesitate anymore! Download the game and play right away!

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