PUBG: Twitch Prime Linking Guide

PUBG: Twitch Prime Linking Guide
PUBG: Twitch Prime Linking Guide

It is a good time for players comprising you to own a Pilot Crate and Gunslinger Crate for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS without paying a penny! Are you ready to delve deeper into the following part? I wish it will help you get what you have ever looked forward to!

PUBG Linking Tutorial for Twitch Prime users

PUBG x Twitch Prime Benefits offer all of the present members of Twitch Prime numerous free in-game rewards for PUBG the game obtainable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC (Steam) through their Global Account.

It is possible for you to acquire plenty of items once on each platform available such as PC (Steam), Xbox, or PlayStation versions after you get entry to the Battle Royale you love through your linked account.

Steps to receive exclusive skin sets with the current PUBG Twitch Prime Linking Instruction

If you keep checking the PUBG PC guide below, you can collect those stuff easily.

Twitch Prime Benefits:

01/30 ~ 02/27 – Pilot Crate

02/27 ~ 03/26 – Gunslinger Crate

Here are PUBG Tips and Tricks to finish your job:

  1. Sign in to PUBG’s Global Account
  2. Link your Twitch account
  3. Connect your gaming account
  4. Select “claim now” on Twitch Prime
  5. Launch PUBG and log-in with the account you have formed to look for the object in your inventory!

Notes when you use PUBG Twitch Prime Linking Guide

To players in PUBG PC, who took the products last time around, it is totally impossible for you to claim them one more time on the PC (Steam) platform anymore because these are not able to be traded or sold! However, everybody can still do that with Xbox or PlayStation accounts.

In case you are getting any trouble with your Twitch Prime account while you are testing what you have studied, you should not forget to take a look at the Twitch Prime Guide to see more information.

Additionally, it is completely feasible for you or anybody who engages in the popular survival game PUBG to contact PUBG Support when your problem is involved in PUBG or your Global Account.

While it is considered a simple PUBG Twitch Prime Linking Guide, it can allow you to deal with your issues and resolve them thoroughly. Are you willing to begin your story, apply steps you have learned and earn the crates you desired? It promises to be an exciting adventure. Remember to share everything you have already found out with your buddies and join together with you!

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