PUBG Survival Title System: Extending Beta Season 1 To May 5

PUBG Beta Season 1 was scheduled to meet its conclusion in April, but then it has been extended to May 7, 2019, PDT. The reason for having this PUBG PC extension is to give more time to players so they can hit milestones and get awesome season rewards. Remember that you can get access to PUBG PC Download so make sure you will try it on your PC and don’t miss this awesome event.

Feel free to discover the beta season 1 item rewards on the Season > Overview page once clicking Season Rewards.

Extending Beta Season 1
Extending Beta Season 1

Seasonal rewards will be given to players based on the Survivor Title kept at the conclusion of the beta season 1. The rewards in this first season will be distributed to the ones holding the title of Novice or even higher. You will have a chance to get various exclusive rewards and will even receive all rewards based on your highest title.

Rewards will be given to you with the beginning of the brand new season, and it will be made public at a later date. The rewards delivery will be accomplished within just a day of the new season starting. You’d better contact Customer Support in case you have not received your rewards 24 hours after the starting of the new season.

If there are any players that are found to break operation policies to earn a Survivor Title, there will be always a possibility for them to be restricted or all of their earned seasonal rewards will be removed.

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