PUBG Suddenly Rolled Out Fantasy Battle Royale Update To Warm Up The Community On April Fool’s Day

Here is the list of details of Fantasy Battle Royale Update that PUBG has launched on April 1st to attract players' attention. To learn more, please start now!

Developers of PUBG Corp. has rolled out an extremely interesting PUBG update so as to arouse their gamers’ communities. It is a positive action that they worked hard to take again the game’s success. If you want to dig deeper into what we will introduce to you, please read the full post below!

An Amazing Update on the first day of April of PUBG

We are talking about PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Update. It is considered an event mode that will occur for a limited time, from 00:00 PDT to April 7th, 1159 PDT. So, you will have a short week to carry out your campaign from now on. Watch the following trailer to explore the initial images after the PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale release date is revealed!

2020 April Fools’ Day – Fantasy Battle Royale (Trailer)

About gameplay of PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Update

PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Mode is useful for those who love matches inspired the ancient themes. Specifically, it allows you to choose one of the four characters from the Middle Ages with their unique powers and engage in an arena with 9 other players.20 squads will fight against each other on the Erangel map in order to find out the owner of Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Mode Gameplay
PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Mode Gameplay

According to the letter sent to fans, Bluehole sympathized with persons around the world who are getting stuck at home due to the impact of COVID-19. Developers planned to create something newer, stranger, and more appealing. As well, Bluehole determined to grant all of the rewards to joiners for free because of the economic downturn. They’d like to contribute to reducing their fan’s worries.

How to start PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale

PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Mode Game Start
PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Mode Game Start

The combat of PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Update April 1st will be kicked off after you select the favorite class. There are four options comprising Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard, and Paladin. Dissimilar to Apex Legends, there is no limit to building teams. A group can contain 1/2/3 identical heroes.

Delve deeper into PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Classes

Each of the current PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale classes will bring back specific abilities.


I would like to RAGE
PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale Mode Gameplay

They are characters that are good at attacking in close-range. Although their hitbox is huge, the high HP amount together with the fast pace while moving and the ability to generate the potion will turn them into a very formidable target on the arena.


They’re taking the Hobbits to Erangel!
They’re taking the Hobbits to Erangel!

Ranger is the second class in PUBG Fantasy Battle Release. They often wield a bow with a massive range and damage. They can move without noise. That will help them a skilled murderer when it is combined with flashes. But, the meager amount of blood of Rangers will cause you to be more careful with each step.


What manner of man are you that can summon up fire without flint or tinder?
What manner of man are you that can summon up fire without flint or tinder?

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Wizard is capable of using magic to inflict extensive damage on the prey. Nevertheless, Wizard has the lowest amount of HP among the four characters. Remember to protect him!


I can do this all day.
I can do this all day.

Paladin is the last class of Fantasy Battle Royale Mode. With the armor and a shield, Paladin is the “cornerstone” of every squad. With the possibility to produce the First Aid Kit, they will be effective supporters in the team. Meanwhile, their equipment will decrease the movement speed. Don’t worry! They are pretty smart.

Special features of PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale

Fantasy Battle Royale Exclusive Systems
Fantasy Battle Royale Exclusive Systems

In PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale, players will not pick up weapons as in PUBG Mobile Download to upgrade your gear. Crates will drop more, the damage that you take outside the safe zone will be increased. Everything ensures to give you a choking battlefield. If you are wandering crates, you will have 30 seconds to collect objects.

How to improve your tools in PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale

Fantasy BR Exclusive Missions and Store
Fantasy BR Exclusive Missions and Store

You will have the chance to obtain upgrades when playing PUBG PC with Fantasy BR by spending Gems. Gems aka the Zircon will be found in Care Packages. They will upgrade your gear to Lv.5!

These Packages will drop more frequently in PUBG Fantasy BR and they are marked on the map for all people. Press the F key on them to receive temporary invincibility.

  • Finally, every reward from Fantasy Battle Royale can be bought by the in-game bonus system.
  • Cash will not be used in Fantasy BR.

PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale event mode is a bold move while PUBG gradually loses its attraction. Whilst it is regarded as a product not reserved for everyone, it may be the happiest change of April Fools’ Day for those who appreciate such activities.

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