PUBG Season 11: When Will The Next Season Start To Be Released?

PUBG Season 11 is rumored to be released in April 2021. This information has made players eager and looking forward to new experiences to come.

PUBG Season 11 is expected to come sooner than what players expect. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is certainly no stranger to gamers, especially those who love battle royale games. Although PUBG is no longer the biggest name in the shooter market, it still has a huge number of players over the years. And according to some reliable sources, a new season of PUBG is about to begin with a lot of exciting updates.

PUBG next season - the Season 11 will come sooner than expected.
PUBG next season – the Season 11 will come sooner than expected.

Some new changes in the season 11 of PUBG update

PUBG is currently on the cusp of a new season. And according to some recently leaked information, it will continue to release fans with the updated version of season 11.

Since PUBG became a notable name in the gaming community, it is constantly providing new updates to please fans. These updates not only bring a new game interface, it also includes a multitude of exciting features and improvements. Not only investing in the PUBG version on PC and console, the developer has not forgotten to exploit the fertile market with updates for the mobile version. PUBG still has a lot of new things that fans will surely enjoy. The proof is that it is about to roll out a new updated version for its season 11. Therefore, fans may not have to wait too long, PUBG Next Season is coming.

New PUBG map: Heaven

The final seasonal update for PUBG will arrive in December, bringing many PUBG new features and a new map named Haven. Accordingly, the battles on Haven will be shorter than before due to the small size of this map. This will provide a more unique experience for the player besides traditional matches. The developer also borrows some elements for renewal of this concrete jungle. This is a genre from ‘Escape from Tarkov’, a game that has recently gained quite a lot of attention from fans. It has also increased the Twitch rankings. Plus, this new PUBG map will actually be set to turn around with the upcoming new season. Therefore, gamers who like the traditional PUBG gameplay should load into some rounds before Haven bites the dust.

An enemy controlled by AI

For PUBG, adding AI enemies to a regular PvP-exclusive battle royale game would be a risky choice. But PUBG Corporation is trying to take many risks to return to the heyday of battle royale. Besides, the developer is also expanding the legend of the game with regular videos and releasing The Callisto Protocol in the near future. Accordingly, a horror game announced at The Game Awards that seemed unrelated but was actually connected to the greater PUBG universe. This is a side style that League of Legends is also trying out in the future.

When the PUBG Next Season starts?

The Season 11 of PUBG is going to launch to the community.
The Season 11 of PUBG is going to launch to the community.

PUBG game fans will be happy to know that current sources point to the release date for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 11 as April this year. This information comes from PUBG Leaker player, who discovered information about the season buried in a PUBG Mobile update. Other sources have also revealed that players will be able to experience PUBG’s new story content in a completely new form. This proves something beyond the game-changing additions of PUBG Season 10. In addition, players can also expect a host of gameplay improvements and lots of new additions. However, up to now, the specifics are not included in the leaked segment.

In fact, other than that brief bit of copy, we couldn’t find any more solid information about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 11. However, players at least know when they can expect the next update. Better yet, you should expect official news about the release date in the near term. New updates are coming to both the standard version, the mobile version of PUBG, and even a new subsection coming soon. Therefore, players who prefer realistic warfare in PUBG will surely be more satisfied with the new releases in the coming months and years.

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