PUBG Sanhok 2.0 Map: Revealed Information About New PUBG PC Map

PUBG Sanhok 2.0 map is an updated version of PUBG season 8. Many people are looking forward to this update because it brings many new features and graphics.

PUBG Sanhok 2.0 map is the most anticipated update with PUBG gamers because it contains many attractive new features. PUBG is certainly no stranger to many people. It is the second largest battle royale game in the world which attracts the most players in many years. In order to continuously grow and maintain their position, the production team is constantly trying to improve this game. They always refresh it so that players don’t get bored.

One of the recent changes is to change the map. This will bring a new feeling and more excitement to many players. Following the changes of Erangel, Vikendi and Miramar over the years, it seems Sanhok’s turn to be remastered now. Here please read the following article to learn important information about the new Sanhok map as well as some Sanhok Map Tips.

What’s to expect in this version of PUBG PC Map?

The new PUBG Sanhok map is expected to come soon and will be the most anticipated update in 2020. Some sources of revealed information have listed some outstanding features in this version such as bringing major changes to Sanhok Island, a new way to equip Loot Truck, the start of the Ranked Season sequel, a new Survival Pass, and extra loads.

The next version of Sanhok 2.0 map will be a part of the next season 8 update. Previously, the manufacturer added Miramar 2.0 in this season. In addition, according to the developers’ announcement, Erangel 2.0 will be released in the second half of 2020. Erangel 2.0 is the most anticipated map by PUBG players in 2020. It is currently available in the latest PUBG Mobile Beta.

Sanhok is the main feature of the 2.0 update. It has been reworked from the ground up to look better, perform better, and provide a more balanced gameplay. There are a lot of wishes that the developer wants to bring in this update. They want Sanhok to be like a forgotten paradise, with a wild setting and overgrown trees. Meanwhile, the developer hasn’t forgotten to tackle some of the balance issues they’ve noticed over the past few years. The changes in this map will be quite large. This can even lead to changes in strategy and gameplay.

Soon after, PUBG Corp also revealed some trailers for PUBG Sanhok map on their official Twitter. Through it, some interesting things about new locations in the map have been revealed.

The snippet has been posted on the official PUBG Twitter
The snippet has been posted on the official PUBG Twitter

Some important landmark changes in the new version PUBG Sanhok 2.0 map:

  • Bootcamp
  • Quarry
  • Getaway (Previously Docks)
  • Airfield (Previously Mongnai)
  • Ruins
  • Cave
  • Mountain
  • River
  • Bhan
  • Pai Nan / Sahmee / Kampong / Khao

What’s new in this new Sanhok 2.0 map?

Through many changes, how does Sanhok map have a new look? Many people have been very curious about the features that will be in the latest version of PUBG Sanhok. A lot of gossip has been spread around. One of the most reliable sources of information, WackyJacky101, has an analysis of Sanhok. WackyJacky101 is a famous YouTuber in the world. He has a specific analysis on his Youtube channel about the changes of Sanhok 2.0 map. Specifically, the analysis compares the differences between the new and old map.


The Bootcamp v2 versus old Bootcamp
The Bootcamp v2 versus old Bootcamp

Bootcamp has been completely reworked from its comparisons. It has a more symmetrical design with similar buildings around. This makes things more balanced, without any advantage to the approaches.

The manufacturer wants to keep this a hot drop location while improving the sense of conflict and competition in the region. There are plenty of vision advantages for gamers who want long-range combat, but there’s also a lot of cover for players to advance to the enemy. Besides, the underground areas will be extremely ideal for melee battles. Overall, these changes increase the player’s risk of fighting, but they also increase rewards. This PUBG PC map offers more choices to suit many different situations.


The old dock in PUBG Sanhok: Party zone
The old dock in PUBG Sanhok: Party zone

Sanhok’s harbor for large ships will serve as a “hot drop” and will be converted to an original wooden dock. They replaced the Party zone with Getaway, a loot packed resort town designed to separate tourists from their money. Also, the new dock features boardwalks, a poolside bar, and Sanhok’s premiere dance club. There was also a lot of sparkling neon smoke decorated around it. Beside that they will display a building in the hills behind the harbor.


Some pictures revealed of the new v2 Ruins
Some pictures revealed of the new v2 Ruins

According to the analysis, Ruins will also be changed. Overall, the new ruins look really sharp with Angkor Wat-style architecture, and a massive maze. As with the previous version, the areas around it pose a serious disadvantage to anyone who walks out without the proper equipment. They have now remodeled this area to turn it into a more engaging combat area, with plenty of loot for those willing to raid its treasure. This will provide a more enjoyable experience for the majority of PUBG players.

MG42 – The exclusive weapon of new Sanhok 2.0 map

What’s hot in the new season of PUBG besides the Sanhok 2.0 map? Corporation is developing a new machine gun, which could appear in PUBG in the most recent update. According to one of the conjectures, it was an MG42 machine gun inspired by a German gun in World War II. Accordingly, this MG42 gun uses 7.62 ammo with a mag size of 50.

Released date of the new Sanhok 2.0 map

According to the teaser revealed, the Sanhok 2.0 map will be widely announced in the upcoming update version of PUBG. Sanhok 2.0 will come in season 8 on July 22. This is good news for PUBG lovers.

To update the latest information about Sanhok 2.0 map as well as the PUBG Sanhok map guide, don’t forget to follow the PUBG update articles. Hope we have provided lots of interesting information for you. Have a nice experience!

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