PUBG PS4/Xbox One Launches Secret Agent Community Event

PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card is one of the most awesome PUBG events. To celebrate the release of this event, a special event has been prepared for all of you to enjoy. Whether you are a PUBG Xbox One user or a PUBG PS4 user, you will be highly recommended to check out this event called Secret Agent Community. Are you ready for it now?

About Secret Agent Community Event in PUBG

In this special event, you have to finish your own secret mission in PUBG game and make sure you share your own screenshot or your own video on Twitter to have an opportunity to obtain a “5 levels” ticket.

Definition of a secret mission in PUBG

A secret mission in PUBG is known as a free choice mission that is generated by you for the aim of engaging in the “Secret Agent Community Event”. There is no connection between the secret mission and the in-game missions within Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card.

Stealth is a crucial key for you to become an expert secret agent. It’s up to you to decide it, however, you have to ensure that you are always as secretive and creative as possible.

Some instances of a secret mission:

  • Sneaky behind your rival
  • Go full bush-wookie for dodging getting detected
  • Secretly step into the vehicle of an enemy
  • Cover yourself inside the bathtub without drawing the foe’s attention

Top 40 favorite submissions will be chosen, and every single victor will obtain a “5 Level Up’s Ticket”!

5 Level Up's Ticket in PUBG Game Via The Secret Mission Event
5 Level Up’s Ticket in PUBG Game Via The Secret Mission Event

The period of secret mission event in PUBG

  • PDT: June 14 12AM – June 18 12AM
  • CEST: June 14 9 AM – June 18 9 AM

How to join the secret mission event

You must take your own in-game screenshot or a video of you carrying out your own secret mission on PUBG Xbox One and PUBG PS4.

On your Twitter, you must share that screenshot or video with a detailed description and make sure that you also attach the hashtag like this: #PUBGSecretAgent

Do not share a photo/video recording of your TV or the monitor screen, or else you will not have high chances to win.

Rules of the secret mission event

  • All videos or the screenshots of this secret mission that were submitted have to be original created works. If you utilize other works of other players, you will be banned from the event.
  • Other than Xbox One or PS4, entries from other platforms are excluded from having a chance of winning this event.
  • The winners will be notified via Twitter message.
  • In case the creative screenshot or video stores sensitive content, or goes against community policy, you will be expelled from winning the event.
  • All intellectual property rights of the generated work submitted by participants (including the rights to generate derivative works and edited works) are owned by PUBG Corporation

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