PUBG PC Update 6.2 Available On The Test Server!

PUBG PC Update 6.2 Live!

PUBG PC or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a great survival game that has receives lots of upgrades so far. Meanwhile, PUBG Season 6 is attracting numerous people. Why don’t you read the entire update below?

PUBG Team Deathmatch

PUBG PC Update 6.2 Team Deathmatch
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Team Deathmatch

If you have ever seen PUBG Arcade, you will know that it has gotten a fun room. It has been requested for a long time before it is officially introduced. So, we are talking about PUBG Team Deathmatch, a place where you can join crazy 8v8 FPP fights on 7 different battlefields taken from maps you want most.

The Team Deathmatch is like what you have played in PUBG Mobile. It still features the original PUBG gunplay and the mechanics with the return of respawning into the fight. The Boost Gauge will not run in the old way in TDM. It is filled when you score kills and gain assists.

If your party collects enough points within 10 minutes before the rival or you are the first to achieve 50 kills, you will win the round. You will be champion if you complete 2 rounds.

PUBG PC Update 6.2 TDM Screen
PUBG PC Update 6.2 TDM Screen

Features of TDM in PUBG PC Update 6.2

PUBG’s Team Deathmatch comprises many key features.

  • 8 vs 8
  • FPP
  • Weapon Spawn Kits
  • Respawns
  • No knockdowns
  • No friendly fire

It’s possible to learn about the full PUBG Team Deathmatch!

The gameplay changed since PUBG PC Update 6.2

PUBG PC Update 6.2 brings back another interacting method with the game.

Grenada Modifications

PUBG PC Update 6.2 Grenada
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Grenada

Frag Grenades

  • Vests in PUBG Steam will reduce damage gotten from those grenades. However, its durability is not cut down when you are damaged.
  • Damage mitigation amount will be influenced by the level of the vest used, with the same % reduction as for the bullet damage.
  • Frags will cause 20% less damage to prone survivors.
  • Items weight climbed up by 50%
  • Each Frag Grenade will occupy 27 inventory capacity, up from 18.
  • Pulling the pin of a Frag is louder. It can be heard from further away.

Smoke Grenades

  • Lessened the fuse time of smoke grenades as in PUBG Lite PC, from 3 seconds to 1

Stun Grenades

  • Polished indirect hit effect radius: from 5.5m to 6.5m
  • Ringing sound will contact with characters through walls.
  • Added slight camera shake to those who are staying near the explosion
  • About the default fuse time mechanic:
  • Stuns will be activated 0.7 sec after the first impact or after the fuse timer depletes.
  • Fuse time without cooking has been increased to 5 sec.
  • 5-second fuse timer when cooking the stun remains not changed

The Frag and Stun Grade visual effects as in PUBG Pc Lite Download are reset, along with a more realistic Frag Grenade sound

Molotov Cocktail

  • The speed at which fire spreads is bumped up by 50%.
  • Fire can spread a bit with a better damage radius.
  • Modified the method fire spreads around items, the fire will continuously approach the back of them
  • Introduced direct damage again while standing in fire
  • People in fire will take an extra 10 damage/sec
  • Fire can be blocked less by small stuff

Right Peeking or Leaning

The mechanic of moving to the right around the objects in PUBG online has been fixed.

  • If you view the rival from that side, your body will be exposed more.
  • Besides, some weapons are improved so as to have the player’s body be more revealed if peeking.

More Changes

Developers from PUBG Corporation are trying to throw an updated loot setting. It will enhance meds, reduce bandages, SRs, DMRs, and Win94. They have added the G36C with MP5K to Karakin and altered the care package airplane speed.

  • Spawn rate of First Aid Kits and boost items are intensified.
  • Spawn rate of bandages, alongside DMR, SR and Win94 on Karakin, are lowered.
  • Balanced Blue Zone effects like PUBG Mobile Lite
    • The distortion effect is deleted.
    • Tweaked the effect where the Blue Zone hits the ground
    • Moved down the top wall of the Blue Zone
    • Upgraded visual shaders
    • The effects will be more intense when phases progress.
    • Varied sounds for entering and exiting the Blue Zone
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Blue Zone
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Blue Zone

Blood Effects Visibility Enhancement

PUBG PC Update 6.2 Blood Effects
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Blood Effects
  • Pushed up blood color saturation over distance for a stronger visibility
  • Added distance scaling to blood effects

PUBG Update 6.2 and Parachute ‘Follow’ Feature

PUBG PC Update 6.2 Parachute ‘Follow’
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Parachute ‘Follow’
  • Added the parachute follow feature to PUBG the game to allow allies to land together
  • If you are blocked by the terrain or something, your job will be canceled.
  • After PUBG Arcade: Team Deathmatch and Gameplay, we can continue to dig deeper into PUBG PC Update 6.2 with the section below.

PUBG LABS / Skill Based Rating Test

PUBG PC Update 6.2 LABS
PUBG PC Update 6.2 LABS

It is another long part of the current PUBG PC Update 6.2. If you have completed two chapters above, please keep reading!

LABS: Skill Based Rating – Second Test

Here are changes that developers have made, based on your feedback and other data:

  • Players should fulfill 5 placement matched to conquer a rank.
  • The overall algorithm used has been reworked.
  • Assists will affect your rating.
  • Any kills coming from the friendly fire will count as negative kills.
  • The highest amount of RP that is gathered or lost after a match is active for each tier.
  • The expected performance of the ones in the Master tier will rise at every 100 RP above 3500.
  • The top RP that you can achieve is 5000.

Test Duration (live server):

It is an exciting event in PUBG. It begins from February 19th, 2020 @ 9:30 AM KST / February 18th, 2020 @ 7:30 PM EST (after maintenance) and ends in March 4th, 2020 @ 5:00 AM KST / 3:00 PM EST.

Survey Duration:

It will occur for 1 week after the test is finished for players to leave feedback, from March 4th, 2020 @ 3:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM KST March 5th, 2020 to March 11th, 2020 @ 3:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM KST March 12th, 2020.


It is an important entry of PC Update 6.2, one of the latest PUBG patch notes. It will only focus on the following piece.

Friends List UI improvement

PUBG PC Update 6.2 Friends List
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Friends List
  • Overhauled visual
  • Added another icon to distinguish on/offline state
  • Tuned ID search button UI
  • Positioned again the leave team button
  • The button is valid in the context menu on the left side.
  • Hover the mouse cursor on the ID to check the context menu
  • INVITE, FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW, PROFILE, KICK are functions utilized on the context menu.
  • Online users will appear on the top. Offline ones are separated on the foldable list.
  • Slots in the Team tab are divided into 4 slots.
  • The host player will be seen with a star.
  • The Invite button is obtainable on the Career page.
  • The key guide text on the starting island is remade. Press Alt+K to control the key hint, Alt+K to open the on-screen key tutorial.
  • Added the brightness change for Karakin

PUBG Update 6.2: Performance

The performance of the game PUBG – the official of PUBG PC Lite size is developed with the other additional WorldOriginShift optimizations.

Custom Match & Observer in PUBG

  • Custom match: Erangel classic is discarded.
  • Observing UI polishing:
    • Changed the sidearm weapon slot
    • Refined the grid on areas of name layout UI
    • The default pattern of the team number (logo) area is edited.

PUBG World

The new PUBG PC update, v6.2, brings back some necessary upgrades.

  • PGC 2019 champions and contents are added to Erangel, along with the picture of PGC 2019 champions, Gen.G and 2019 PGC panorama. As well, you can find posters of global events (PAI, PNC, PGC), PGI 2018(OMG, Gen.G gold), PGC 2019 Champion’s (Gen.G) uniform, Gen.G insignia/banner, or PGC 2019 trophy.
  • But, removed PGI key art insignia/banner, PGI 2018 FPP champion & OMG’s graffiti, names of champions on the molding, GC 2019 trophy

Skin & Items in PUBG update v6.2

  • PUBG store sales period will happen between 2/19 and 3/19.
  • CHEERLEADER SET, 5 items
  • The parachute backpack model design got better.
  • The backpack design will be used for parachute skins.

PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown

The second track of PUBG Survivor Pass missions is not locked any more, with 6 Karakin exclusive quests, after the Live server update!

  • Showed the list of missions
  • Attempt to be safe for more than 3 minutes in Karakin!
  • Demolish 2 destructible walls with sticky bombs
  • Stay alive twice in the Black Zone
  • Drop into an identified region on Karakin
  • Inflict 100 damage through penetrable walls
  • Get a kill through a penetrable wall

PUBG Mastery

  • Weapon Mastery Balancing
  • Early levels of Weapon Mastery will not ask you much to obtain So, you can search for some of their Weapon Mastery levels easier.
  • Because of technical trouble, the PUBG ID feature is temporarily turned off.

PUBG Replay System

  • Replays from previous updates of PUBG PC download 64 bit are not playable.

PUBG PC Bug Fixes

From gameplay to UI/UX, everything in PUBG the pc game will be considered one more time in PUBG Update 6.2.


  • Solved the issue where somebody’s breath gauge can immediately restore in specific circumstances when coming out of the water
  • Fixed the problem that obstructed people from being gone to their right spawn place if breaking into at the start in War Mode selecting ground respawn
  • Resolved the bug with player death boxes preventing grenade damage
  • Fixed the care packages that would not block grenade damage
  • Put right the headshot blood effects that stopped up the vision in FPP
  • Fixed preventing healing/boost item animations from working when the use hotkey was spammed


  • To the World in PUBG, it has received various differences, revolved around:
  • A few object edges being transparent when heading to the blue zone
  • Minor map bugs on Erangel and Karakin

Skins & Items

PUBG PC Update 6.2 Skins & Items
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Skins & Items
  • Fixed the matter related to a female player who wore Rapture Squad Gloves with tattoo sleeve, wrist looks transparent
  • Visual case with the model’s arm when using the Tenebres Combat Vest, and with PGI Title Leggings when chose with certain multi-slot shoes
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Parachute
PUBG PC Update 6.2 Parachute

UI // UX

  • Fixed replaying in PUBG Mac that would hinder some persons from being shown on the minimap, and displaying the wrong grid sizes on maps


  • The better sound will not make you annoyed when playing the cool PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game for sure.
  • Lowered the volume of Sticky Bomb

Fixed Test Server

  • Deleted the issue with no grunt sound emitted when being hit or landing after leaping from the high terrain
  • Fixed the armor durability indicating as full after falling from the inventory and looting the armor again
  • Fixed the tinnitus or ringing effect from frag grenades
  • Fixed weapons that were defaulted to single fire mode when appearing in Team Deathmatch

PUBG PC Update 6.2 is an amazing release that will have an effect on the game you love. It gives you a lot of information involved in plenty of crucial portions such as gameplay, a new mode, and more. To get a smoother experience in the next time, please travel through battlefields from now on! Do not forget to share what you have known with your friends! We hope you enjoyed!

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