PUBG PC Update 4.3 Introduces The New Shotgun – DBS To All Players

DBS is the latest shotgun added to PUBG via the update 4.3. Let's learn where to find the DBS shotgun as well as learn about what it can do for you in battles!

A major thing is dropping in the PUBG update 4.3, which is the introduction of a new shotgun called the DBS. As you know, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been evolving through a wide range of update patch notes with a lot of new contents released. Now, with the latest PUBG 4.3 patch notes update, players are going to get access to the DBS shotgun – a powerhouse of damage. Using the DBS shotgun will help you destroy opponents with the amount of damage up to 234, making all defensive equipment, like level-3 armor, become useless.

PUBG PC Update 4.3 Introduces The New Shotgun DBS
PUBG PC Update 4.3 Introduces The New Shotgun DBS

Basic information about the DBS shotgun in PUBG PC Update 4.3

PUBG DBS shotgun has just been added to the game. This is a double-barrel and pump-action shotgun that dishes out a very huge amount of damage in just a quick burst. The DBS shotgun can become very useful, even when you get towards the late phase of the game. Aside from the DBS shotgun added, other PUBG Shotguns also receive a strong buff in this patch 4.3.

The DBS Shotgun - The Latest Weapon in PUBG PC
The DBS Shotgun – The Latest Weapon in PUBG PC

Where can you get the DBS shotgun?

At the moment, the DBS shotgun cannot be found anywhere in particular on PUBG Maps. Players can only get access to this latest shotgun on the test server, and in the game, you are going to find the DBS shotgun in care packages. They will float down from the sky from airplanes then get across the island. For the brave survivors who have no fear in moving to that position to get some of the best loot for themselves will have an opportunity to obtain the DBS shotgun.

PUBG DBS Shotgun Can Only Be Found in Care Packages
PUBG DBS Shotgun Can Only Be Found in Care Packages

What does the DBS do for you?

PUBG DBS shotgun is not a basic shotgun, it is a unique pump-action weapon that helps you deal two shots at the same time. You are able to load 14-12 gauge rounds into the weapon, providing it with a huge amount of power.

The DBS shotgun says yes to some attachments, such as red dot sight, holographic 2x or 6x scope. You can place these attachments on it easily. Since this is a close-range gun, the maximum range for DBS shotgun is only at 100 meters. Therefore, you may want to save this for when you are in the middle of a town or when you are reaching towards the final phases of the final circle.

Basic Stats of DBS Shotgun in PUBG 4.3
Basic Stats of DBS Shotgun in PUBG 4.3

Other statistics DBS shotgun, such as the overall power, weapon speed, and accuracy, are not confirmed yet, but all of them will be made clear as soon as the gun comes to the test servers. Keep in mind that those statistics are subject to change before they are added to the main game. About PUBG DBS Shotgun release date, there is no exact date when the weapon comes to the PUBG test server yet. Let’s wait for it!

It’s true to say that PUBG DBS Shotgun is a powerful and terrifying weapon when shooting at close range. Only one bullet from DBS shotgun is already enough to finish off every opponent. At the same time, DBS shotgun stores up to 14 bullets, which minimizes the disadvantage of running out of bullets of PUBG shotguns. At the moment, players can get access to PUBG Update 4.3 on the test server. Soon, you will enjoy this new shotgun – DBS!

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