PUBG PC Update 4.3 Finally Approaches The Test Server

PUBG PC Update 4.3 brings you more features and big updates in terms of gameplay. Check out this latest update that has just hit the PUBG test server!

Here comes the latest PUBG Update with new features and improvements! After PUBG 4.2 update, players will now be ready for PUBG 4.3 Patch Notes available on the PUBG Test Server! In this update, you will experience Survival Mastery – a new kind of feature aiming to make your non-lethal play skills much better. In addition, this PUBG latest update also made a small rebalance to the shotgun and the Care Packages will now reward the DBS to players.

What’s new in PUBG Update 4.3 PC?

The Survival Mastery system

Are you ready to grow your non-lethal skills? With this new Survival Mastery system, players are so able to grow their less-than-deadly instincts of PUBG gameplay. Together with Weapon Mastery, letting players develop their ability in matches, more ways will be given out for players to show off their abilities with brand new prizes and PUBG ID.

Enjoy Survival Mastery - The New Feature In PUBG PC Update 4.3
Enjoy Survival Mastery – The New Feature In PUBG PC Update 4.3
  • Survival Mastery is regarded as a nice progression system allowing players to level up themselves by obtaining XP depending on the survival styles of them.
  • No seasons will have an influence on the system. 500 is the level limit for Survival Mastery.
  • There are some ways to gain XP, such as:
    • Looting items
    • Utilizing items throughout the combat
    • Fighting against enemies
    • Resurrecting a teammate

Match summary timeline

  • Now, all the survival actions carried out by players in a battle will be summarized by the match summary timeline.
  • By clicking Mastery tab then Last Match tab, players will be able to see all the survival actions they have done in the former match in a timeline order.
Survival Match Summary Timeline For Players In PUBG Update 4.3
Survival Match Summary Timeline For Players In PUBG Update 4.3
  • You can check out all the following activities that are displayed in the timeline sequence, together with XP gaining activities.
    • Landing point
    • Area where players can do actions
    • Damage dished out and taken
    • Distance a player moves using vehicles
    • Blue Zone phases a player survives

Survival Style expresses the playstyle of players

  • Feel free to check your recent survival playstyle in the Mastery > Survival Tab.
Survival Style In PUBG PC New Update
Survival Style In PUBG PC New Update
  • By analyzing the data of all players that are joining PUBG game, the survival style will keep track of the recent playstyle, with some information included as follows:
    • The average amount of time for participation
    • the average amount of time for the distance participation
    • The number of looted items for each game
    • The distance that a player travels for each game
    • The rate of hot drop
    • The amount of damage received per match
  • The three most noteworthy of these characteristics will be shown.

With PUBG ID, players are able to easily express themselves

PUBG ID Is Added To PUBG Via Update 4.3
PUBG ID Is Added To PUBG Via Update 4.3

Survival Mastery – PUBG ID

  • Players will want to experience this new system as it allows them to show off themselves while displaying their progression and Survival Mastery rewards
  • PUBG ID contains a lot of elements, such as Survival Mastery Level, Player ID, Emblem, Background, and Poses
    • A detailed recap is now also available
  • Players are able to check and switch from Mastery > Survival tab.
  • Players can easily see the PUBG ID of other players in some cases, such as:
    • A teammate from the former battle
    • Player destroyed by you and the player that destroyed you


  • Player will get an emblem for every 10 levels they pass (5, 15, 25…)
  • Players are able to show off themselves with different emblems on their PUBG ID.


  • Players will receive a background for every 10 levels they pass (10, 20, 30…)
  • Players are able to show off their identity with many backgrounds on their PUBG ID.


  • After every 100 levels (100, 200, 300…), players will get a pose
  • Poses are superior rewards in the system. To change the poses, players can use the Survival tab and PUBG ID.
  • Player poses use the player’s equipped outfit.
    • At the moment, you cannot use other skins, like vehicles and weapons for the poses.

BP Rewards

  • You will receive BP for levels without other rewards

DBS is a new weapon featured in PUBG Update 4.3 PC

DBS - A New Weapon Added To PUBG PC Via Update 4.3
DBS – A New Weapon Added To PUBG PC Via Update 4.3
  • The DBS is a new gun in PUBG game. It is known as a double-barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun. Players can only collect it from Care Packages for now.
  • On this shotgun, there are two inside magazine tubes letting the players load fourteen 12-gauge rounds.
    • With the merged shooting mechanics, DBS is able to create large bursts of damage in just a short time.
  • Holographic, Red Dot Sight, and 2x to 6x Scopes are the attachments that can be attached to the upper rail of the gun.
  • 100m is the maximum effective range that DBS can dish out damage.


  • The Shotgun consistency experienced an improvement
    • There was an increase in hit probability, particularly in medium shotgun range.
    • There was an increase indamage drop-off over distance
    • Increased the minimum per pellet damage within the effective range of every shotgun to 4.
      • Excluding for the Sawed-off, which is just 3
      • All PUBG Shotguns can shoot 9 pellets total per round
  • Modified the shotgun balance
    • Now, all the shotgun pellets will utilize realistic ballistic curves (but the speed will reduce through over time)
    • Made an update to the recoil effects of the shotguns
    • Made a change to the damage multiplier
      • For the Headshot: From 1.5 to 1.2
      • For the Torso: From 1.0 to 0.9
    • S686
      • The maximum effective range is now 80 m
      • The reload speed was grown to 20%
    • S1897
      • The maximum effective range is now 80 m
      • There was a 20% increase in the pump-action speed
    • Pump action will not un-ADS the player for a short time anymore
    • Sawed-Off
      • The maximum effective range is now 80 m
      • The maximum increased probability range is now 50 m
      • The number of pellets fired was grown to 9
      • The damage per pellet was reduced from 22 to 22
    • Duckbill attachment: There was an increase in pellet spread multiplier from 0.8 to 1.0
  • Made an update to weapon impact effects
    • Decals and particle effects become more directional from now. Thanks to this, players can have a better grasp of where the shots come from.
    • Size and traits of the effect rely on the surface being hit as well as the class of the weapon being shot.
  • Made an improvement to QoL for healing items while walking
    • Players can now use the healing items while moving, but they have to move at a slow speed. They will carry on utilizing the item as they move at the walking speed.
      • Formerly, you had to stop moving completely to use the healing items.
  • You are able to modify the Canted Sight reticle type, together with the brightness, which is identical to Red Dot.


  • There was a reduction in the volume of the Red Zone
  • Already made a re-balance to the footstep sounds volume and attenuation.
  • There will be a strong reduction in the footstep sounds when players reach the outer cap of footstep audible range.
  • When you land from falling, the sound effects will be played in a different way, depending on the surface material type.
  • Improved the ledge-grab sound effects
  • Turntable now has a new song
    • This new song will be used as an alternative to the former song

Survivor Pass: Aftermath

  • The existing season of Survivor Pass and Survivor Title System will come to an end on October 16th KST
  • Survivor Pass will officially commence on October 2nd, two weeks prior to the conclusion of Aftermath. All players will be notified the ending of the pass via an on-screen message, pop-up, and countdown on the Survivor Pass banner.
    • The pop-up message will be visible to all players that bought Premium Pass and Level-up items, which notifies them the time left until the end of the pass.
  • Players can buy Premium Pass and Level-up items until the Pass period finishes.


  • Background blur effects are now added so the duo/squad team UI will have better readability.
  • Made an improvement to the visibility of the fire mode indicator on the HUD to distinguish the firing modes much clearer.
  • There was a reduction in the brightness of equipment icons.
Headphone icon is now available in PUBG PC
Headphone icon is now available in PUBG PC
  • The headphone icon is now visible on the UI right of the health HUD to specify when the Instant Volume Reducer (F7) is turned on.
    • There is a system message at the bottom of the screen as well when turning on or turning off this function.
Instant Volume Reducer in PUBG PC
Instant Volume Reducer in PUBG PC


  • With minor optimization for the performance, the FPS in areas where survivors are close to each other will be much improved.
  • Improved the visual of the shadows and upgraded rendering performance.
  • Positioned tentative change on the test server to lessen an issue that makes loot pop up late, mostly after descending on the ground using the parachute.
    • Since this change grows server load, the development team will pay close attention to any possible negative influence that players will experience. The developers plan to use this change on the live servers if the feedback of players is positive and the general server performance impact is trivial. If there are any changes to the plan, the developers will make their announcement through the PUBG Update PC Patch Notes. You are recommended to experience the changes on the test servers then send your feedback to the development team.

Custom Match

Zombie Mode Improvement

PUBG Zombie Mode now has many improvements
PUBG Zombie Mode now has many improvements

There are major improvements made to the Custom Match Zombie Modes in PUBG:

  • Zombies are now armed with stronger physical abilities.
    • Zombies are able to run faster, jump higher, and even attack enemies at a faster speed.
      • The running speed of the zombies was grown to 1.5 times
      • The jumping height of the zombies was grown to 2 times
      • The attack speed of the zombies was grown to 1.5 times
  • Zombies are now armed with more health and more powerful healing power
    • The strength of zombies was grown more than 2 times
    • The zombies are able to heal their health automatically when they are not joining in the combat.
    • When they fall from high locations, they don’t take any fall damage.
    • They will not take more damage from guns either, excluding for headshots.
  • Zombies are able to use vehicles now
    • Zombies are able to better their movement using vehicles rather than running on foot.
  • More than that, a virus infection feature is being deployed in the Zombie mode, and it one of the main elements for the mode. There are some internal tests being carried out for multiple features in order to better the zombie mode. Hopefully, you will send your feedback to the PUBG development team on this upgraded zombie mode.

PUBG Partner Icon

  • You will see an icon in front of PUBG Partner’s nicknames in this Custom Matches. This icon will only appear in the match information section and in the waiting room.

Skins & Items

Once Update 4.3 is released to the Live Server, you will find the following new items in the store:

  • Halloween themed items. Sales Period: September 25 to November 13
  • 12 new Twitch Broadcast Royale items. Sales Period: September 25 to October 15
  • 3 Pan skins and a set to celebrate the PUBG Classic. Sales Period: October 2 to October 23
  • New BP purchasable items
    • Beryl & S12K BattleStat skins
    • 2 Madsy shoes
  • New BattleStat skin
    • SCAR-L BattleStat skin
  • There was a 50% reduction in the probability of getting a locked crate from the random crate purchase

Replay System

  • Made an update to the replay system. Now, players cannot use the replay files from the former updates anymore.

Bug Fixes

  • Made a solution to a problem in which the footsteps of the character cannot be heard when they move backward against the corners of objects.
  • Made a solution to a problem in which the Smoke UI timer does not sync accurately when the player skips the replay in the replay mode.
  • Already fixed a bug in which the Flare Gun firing animation is hindered when the player is in the prone position.
  • Made a solution to a bug in which grenade damage in rare cases could be taken in through some objectives
  • Fixed a problem in which a wrong kill distance was displayed when a separate player is destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug in which UZA wheels would not be demolished after getting hit many times
  • Made a solution to an issue in which the skull icons are wrongly shown on the minimap in Simplified Chinese language version.
  • Made a solution to a bug that generated an overly bright light effect in the side mirror of motorcycles.
  • Made a solution to a bug in which players could not be ruined by other enemies that hit them inside vehicles.
  • Solved a problem in which parachute was not shown in the training mode with a completely equipped bag.
  • Already made a solution to a problem in which players had to eliminate from the training mode when vaulting over a wall.
  • Solved a bug in which zombie players sometimes look like a human in the zombie mode.
  • Made a fix to a bug in which the lung capacity icon would not be shown accurately when the player is holding their breath while swimming.
  • Fixed a bug that halted footstep sounds from playing in particular cases when sprinting through some puddles.

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