PUBG PC Patch Notes Update 6.1 Adds New Map, New Vehicle And Other Improvements To The Gameplay

PUBG Update 6.1 features a new map called Karakin, a new vehicle called Motor Glider, and much more other content. You can read the full PUBG PC patch notes 6.1 now!

PUBG PC Season 6 is already out featuring a completely new island map called Karakin. Get ready to explore new features, content, and gameplay improvements brought to you by PUBG Update Patch Notes 6.1 to make your gameplay experience much better. On top of that, you will have a new chance to explore new areas on the PUBG Karakin map. Before dropping into PUBG Update 6.1, don’t forget to check out some latest bug fixes published on February 4th, 2020.


Bug Fixes:

  • Made a fix to a problem in which the Medieval Helmet skin was not be seen when it is put on female characters.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which players could prone in shallow waters.
  • Made a fix to a visual problem with different skins for pants.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which the sizes of face/hair icons were unstable in the lobby.

New map Karakin, new vehicle, and other new content in PUBG PC Update 6.1

PUBG PC Update - New Map Karakin
PUBG PC Update – New Map Karakin

New map: Karakin

PUBG Karakin features a rocky environment with wide-open terrain and tough engagements. It is a far-off island off the coast of Northern Africa with an area of 2×2 km. This map is a mix between Miramar and Sanhok and it allows 64 players to be on the map.

When joining this map, you should expect to engage in long-distance rifle battles in the mountains, tactical urban clash, and claustrophobic underground fights. Karakin map features the Black Zone that can change the layout in every match.

PUBG PC Update - Town Dock
PUBG PC Update – Town Dock
PUBG PC Update - Smuggler Bunker
PUBG PC Update – Smuggler Bunker
PUBG PC Update - Sea Shore
PUBG PC Update – Sea Shore
PUBG PC Update - Tunnel Interior
PUBG PC Update – Tunnel Interior

Black Zone (Karakin Only)

Black Zone - Map Karakin Only
Black Zone – Map Karakin Only

All buildings fall into smoking ruins, which is caused by the Black Zone in Karakin map, and this is a new threat to you.

  • The Black Zone is made to make players fall out of the safety of a building.
  • The threat is unsystematic: towns and compounds can be untouched, completely flattened, and things in between.
  • There is an evolvement for the combination of buildings and ruins during the battle. Because of that, you should not always expect the building you move to for cover to be there late in the battle.
  • You have to run away whenever you hear the siren while you are inside the purple circle on the minimap.

New Throwable: Sticky Bomb (Karakin Only)

Sticky Bomb - Map Karakin Only
Sticky Bomb – Map Karakin Only

The siege play has been changed a bit thanks to the addition of Breach Points that players can demolish using Sticky Bombs in Karakin.

Breach Points - Sticky Bombs
Breach Points – Sticky Bombs
  • You can use Sticky Bombs to deal damage to some walls and floors that have breach points.
  • More tools are provided to players thanks to this feature: For campers, more sightlines or windows can be created.
  • If the squads usually go on the offensive, they will have some options to destroy buildings.
  • For explorers, many secrets have been hidden for them to discover using a spare Sticky Bomb or two. Also, they must have a keen nose for looting items.
PUBG PC Update - Karakin
PUBG PC Update – Karakin

Bullet penetration is the next addition that you may enjoy when you want the gunbattles to be more interesting. Now, the bullets can go through the weak walls in the PUBG Karakin map. Or, you can make holes through damaged drywalls to see your enemies. From there, you can make a decision on fighting alone or regrouping your teammates.

Giving new experiences to players is something that the development team of PUBG always wants to do. They will try their best and do anything they can to make you satisfied with the PUBG gameplay.

Karakin Loot Increase – 23rd January

After receiving feedback from players during the testing stage and the first launch of PUBG Karakin, the developers have carried out a hotfix on the balance of the loot on the latest Battleground.

To let all players jump in and loot items fast, the loot spawns have been rebalanced to make your general experience better. Now, there will be more loot for you and your squad to find and pick up.

Getting through a tunnel in every match for loot is not an easy thing at all. The developers understand that feeling and now, they have already grown the spawn rate of healing and boost items with the scopes on the grounds so you can pick them up easily. Hopefully, this gives you a chance to discover more areas on Karakin map without having a feeling to get through a tunnel just to get enough items for your survival.

Your feedback is always welcome! So, don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback on the new balance of the loot on the Karakin map.

Detailed changes

  • Developed 2x, 3x, 4x scopes
  • Developed the healing/boost items above ground
  • Changed the ratio of total SR/DMR muzzle attachments because of the grown spawn rate of those weapons.
  • Lessened the number of melee weapons, canted sights, and magazine attachments.
  • No more Sawed-off on Karakin map!

New Vehicle: Motor Glider

PUBG PC Update - Motor Glider
PUBG PC Update – Motor Glider

At the moment, you can get access to Motor Glider on live servers (which was already added to the game on January 15th).

  • Moter Glider is an interesting flying vehicle that is now available on PUBG Erangel and PUBG Miramar.
    • You can catch sight of 10 Motor Gliders across the map each game, throughout 40 possible areas.
  • This vehicle offers two seats: one is for the pilot, while the other one is for the passenger that is able to use any weapon from the backseat to shoot enemies.
  • Make sure you obtain the required speed of 65 km/h to take off. After that, you can speed up with the S key.
    • Once you have obtained 70km/h, you will begin taking off automatically.
  • The rate of fuel consumption for Motor Glider depends on the engine speed. If you apply more throttle, you will use up gas faster.
  • When Motor Glider spawns on the map, it doesn’t have any fuel. You have to fuel it up before starting the engine.
  • Just take the sky as the limit because there is no maximum altitude you can reach. However, the power of the engine will start to lose when you are at a higher altitude.
  • Controls:
    • Control the pitch using W/S, control the roll of the aircraft using A/D.
    • Modify the throttle by holding the Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys.
    • If you want to use the handbrake, just hold the spacebar when on the ground.

Survivor Pass: Shakedown

PUBG PC Update - Shakesown
PUBG PC Update – Shakesown

Community Missions

  • Even if you already bought Premium Pass or not, you can still engage with other players to fill the Community Accomplishment Gauge, and receive the skin rewards in the game as well as uncover the hidden story of Karakin.
  • You can make the mission gauge full by searching for collectibles on the Battlegrounds.
    • When you find special Cardboard Boxes and open them, you can loot one of the 3 different objects.
    • When the objects are picked up, they will be expressed on the Community Mission Accomplishment gauge as follows:
      • Disc piece: Counts as 1 point for Community Missions Goal
      • Broken disc: Counts as 2 points for Community Missions Goal
      • Old DVD: Counts as 3 points for Community Missions Goal
  • Your achievement score and earned XP are exhibited on the Community Mission tab and they are equal to the private contribution score.

Season Mission

  • Season Missions have three tracks.
    • Every track will be introduced monthly in January, February, and March
    • The locked tracks will display the time left before it is unlocked.

Progression Missions

  • When you finish Progression Missions, a big amount of XPs will be sent to you.
  • Tracks 1, 2 provide a set of 8 missions each. Every mission’s difficulty level will be increased gradually for all players.
  • There is a set of 10 missions featured in Track 3. Each mission also grows its difficulty for players with the Premium Pass.
  • Milestones are finished when a set goal has been obtained in relation to daily, weekly, and challenge missions.
    • For example: Get 70 total daily missions done.

Challenge Mission

  • You have to use designated weapons to complete the challenging missions.
  • Weapon lists:
    • Skorpion (Handgun)
    • Win94 (SR)
    • QBZ (AR)
    • AKM (AR)
    • QBU (DMR)

Earn Level-up items for the Next Season

  • The level-up items for the next season can be claimed as a premium pass mission reward.
  • You cannot sell these items. They will be triggered when the next season (PUBG Season 7) begins.
  • Level-up Items in the Survivor Pass List
    • 5 Levels coupon x2
    • 1 Level coupon x5

Survival Title System

Survival Title System
Survival Title System
Survival Title System
Survival Title System
  • You will get rewards for PUBG Survivor Title System Season at the start of PUBG Season 6.
  • There is a soft-reset for SP, and your performance will be counted towards your beginning SP in Season 6.


Firing mode change improvement

  • The gameplay settings now have an option that lets you set a second firing mode preference for AR and SMG weapons that have 3 firing modes, such as Single, Burst, and Auto.
    • You can easily set the burst fire weapons to a single shot when equipping them, while other weapons in that category can still be set to auto automatically.
    • When you choose auto as first and single as second preference, this makes the weapons that have no auto fire be automatically set to single fire.


PUBG PC Update - Random Map
PUBG PC Update – Random Map

PUBG Vikendi has been eliminated from public matches for the time being. Karakin will be used as an alternative to it.

Map Selection

  • AS, KR/JP, SEA, EU, RU
    • Karakin is now the replacement for PUBG Vikendi. (You can still play on Vikendi in Custom Matches).

Featured Map & Random Map

  • NA
    • Featured Map: Karakin
    • Random Map: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok.
      • The Featured Map option can be put out of action and Karakin will be available in the Random Map pool if you go through problems with long matchmaking times.
    • You cannot join Vikendi in public matches for now, but you can play on it in custom matches.

All Random Maps

  • Karakin is an alternative to Vikendi. You can still play on Vikendi in custom matches.
  • A chance to play on every map is equal.

Mastery System

  • Now you will see PUBG ID on the end of match screen and while you are observing a player.

Known Issue: You will not see the character model on PUBG ID.


  • The “PASS” button is now available in the main menu.
    • When you click Survivor Pass, you can view it.

Replay System

  • Made an update to the replay system already. You cannot use the replay files from the former updates anymore.


Gun Handling Sounds Improvement

  • Made an improvement to reload and weapon switching sound effects.
  • Adjusted reload sounds to make them more realistic, even though there is an addition of audible player interaction with the reload operation.

Sound segmentation in relation to the mechanical properties weapons throughout aiming/scoping

  • While you are aiming or scoping, the degree of vibrant sounds in relation to weapon attachments details will be different based on the weapon type.
  • There are two different types of sounds: handgun and non-handgun. A handgun doesn’t have more trembling or no attachment detailed sounds than non-handguns.

Vaulting Sounds Improvement

  • Made an improvement to detailed expressions on the objects, like hand-to-body contact, collar-to-shoulder squeaks and other things throughout vaulting.
  • When you vault, the sound outputs will fix material sounds (Concrete, Metal, Wood).


  • The volume of wind sound effect in the moonlights was much lowered.


World Origin Shift

  • Made an optimization to the world location calculating process to lessen the happening of hitching.

Skins & Items

After the PUBG PC Update 6.1 has come to live servers, you will get access to these following items:

  • 5 Golden Dragon skins
  • 4 Golden Phoenix skins
  • 9 Seollal skins

Bug Fixes


  • Made a fix to a problem in which the camera view is sited in the wrong way when the seat is changed to the driver’s seat throughout ADS.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which M249 iron sight was shown inaccurately.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which hold option for prone is not functioning in an accurate way.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which the upper body of the character would be shown wrongly after utilizing a throwable while on the backseat of a motorbike on FPP.


  • Addressed a bug in which the overhead UI of the character is not lined up with the character model.
  • Addressed a bug in which the wrong UI would be revealed after pressing some certain keys.
  • Addressed a bug in which the helmet armed on Customize is seen on the head of the character on PUBG ID.

Custom Match

  • Addressed a bug in which the weapon crosshair was revealed overlapped when getting to the next round in war mode with a weapon being held in the hand.
  • Addressed a bug in which red dot sight was not contained in the war mode support spawn kit.


  • Addressed a problem in which the ambient noise is much louder than planned in some weather types on the Vikendi map.

Skins & Items

  • Addressed a problem in which Tommy Gun skin texture is shown wrongly.
  • Addressed a problem in which the lower body would be shown wrongly when wearing certain PGP skins on a male character.

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