PUBG PC Guide: How To Increase FPS in PUBG PC

With some PUBG FPS tips, you will know how to increase PUBG PC FPS when playing PUBG game on your computer. Follow all the steps to better the FPS for your game!

PUBG PC is a survival shooting game with high configuration. PUBG (aka PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has been a very popular game drawing the attention of many gamers from around the world. Since PUBG PC is a highly configurable game, together with lots of errors accompanied by very low optimization ability, all players are highly recommended to increase PUBG PC FPS for the best experience possible.

It’s very important to know the best PUBG Settings for FPS 2019 before you install this game title on your PC. With PUBG PC FPS guide blow, you will definitely know how to increase PUBG FPS as well as learn some useful PUBG FPS Tips to better your gaming experience. Due to the high configuration, there are always plenty of ways created to grow PUBG PC FPS, making your computer more optimal for playing. Before diving into this PUBG PC FPS guide, make sure you take a look at PUBG PC System Requirements!

What is the FPS? How much FPS should be in PUBG PC?

FPS stands for Frame Per Second, which means the frame is displayed per second. You can simply understand that within 1 second, the more your eyes can see the moving frames, the smoother the image will become. That is, the higher the FPS, the smoother the game will be, and you will not experience any laggy frames.

In PUBG PC, to have smooth gameplay, you are required to have at least 60 FPS, and if possible, try to reach up to 120 FPS. However, it will not be easy to get to 120 FPS as playing PUBG PC with 60 FPS is already a tough thing.

How to increase FPS in PUBG PC

Step 1: To increase PUBG PC FPS, the first thing you must do is to enter the game and then you can start the settings to increase FPS

The Interface of PUBG PC Game
The Interface of PUBG PC Game

Step 2: You will see the Settings icon when looking up on the right corner. Click on it to start editing.

Settings Icon PUBG PC Game
Settings Icon PUBG PC Game

Step 3: A menu will pop up, and you will enter the Settings to set up and edit for PUBG PC.

Settings To Set Up And Edit For PUBG PC
Settings To Set Up And Edit For PUBG PC

Step 4: Right here, you will open the Video section with two different sections. First of all, you must be accustomed to the Display Settings section in PUBG PC.

Display Settings Section in PUBG PC
Display Settings Section in PUBG PC
  • Display mode: This Display mode includes full screen, full screen in the window form or playing PUBG PC in the window form.
  • Resolution: Supports the maximum resolution that is exactly the same as the resolution that your screen can reach.
  • Lobby FPS Limit: Shows the FPS level while in the standby screen.
  • In-game FPS Limit: Shows the FPS while in PUBG PC.
  • Smoothed Frame Rate: Optimizes FPS rather than graphics or details.

Advanced Settings will be the next section you must have a good grasp of. By learning this section, you will know how to increase FPS in PUBG PC much better.

How To Increase FPS in PUBG PC Much Better
How To Increase FPS in PUBG PC Much Better
  • Overall Quality: This is the general set up, you are highly recommended to leave it custom and customing it at your own taste will be the best way to increase FPS in PUBG PC.
  • Screen Scale: This feature allows displaying the graphic level in percentage, the default should be 100%, and you should decrease other indicators.
  • Anti-Aliasing: This is the anti-aliasing feature of PUBG PC
  • Post-Processing: This is the post-processing. Due to the pretty heaviness of PUBG PC, sometimes, the characters are done rendering, but they have not done rendering the scene.
  • Shadows: This is the shadow effect in PUBG PC
  • Textures: The level of details of scenes and characters in the game.
  • Effects: All types of effects in the game.
  • Foliage: The foliage effect from the trees in PUBG PC.
  • View Distance: The vision of your character. (The further it is, the more the computer will work)
  • V-Sync: All images are synced from VGA to the computer screen.
  • Motion Blur: This is the motion blur effect, making the image more sparkling even though it is so heavy and sometimes it can make players hard to see.
  • Sharpen: This is the sharpness of the scenes in PUBG PC.

To increase PUBG PC FPS, you are recommended to limit the visibility, turn off all unnecessary effects and make sure you only leave Textures to be higher than normal.


Sometimes, you will have to accept somewhat bad images to increase the FPS in PUBG PC.

How to display FPS in PUBG PC

To learn of whether FPS has reached 60 or not, you can use the software to check, and also, the Steam system itself permits you to display FPS in PUBG PC.

Step 1: On the interface of Steam, click the Steam menu then choose Settings.

On The Interface Of Steam
On The Interface Of Steam

Step 2: In the In-game section, you will see In-game FPS counter which is the feature that allows display.

In-game FPS counter
In-game FPS counter

Step 3: You are allowed to choose 4 positions, including top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right.

Choose 4 Positions
Choose 4 Positions

Step 4: After selecting an option, you will have to restart Steam.

Restart Steam
Restart Steam

Just pay attention to the right corner that you will pick, there will be a blue text and it is the FPS displayed in PUBG PC.

FPS displayed in PUBG PC
FPS displayed in PUBG PC

That’s all for the basic steps on how to increase FPS in PUBG PC. Basically speaking, PUBG PC game is not a pretty good optimization game, so even if you use all means to develop the FPS in the game, sometimes, you will also get annoyed.

Besides playing PUBG PC, you can choose to play PUBG Mobile on PC through the emulator software. With this option, you will not have to worry much about increasing PUBG PC FPS when PUBG PC is a highly configurable game, and more than that, the way you play PUBG Mobile on PC is quite the same as PUBG PC version.

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