PUBG Official Sanhok Map With Major Updates

After four times of testing, PUBG’s new Sanhok map is eventually brought into combat and ready to drive gamers insane with a lot of rough terrains and multiple fierce battles. There are some good Sanhok Map tips featured in this PUBG Sanhok Guide below. It’s good to take a look at them because you will know how to use elements in PUBG Sanhok to get an upper hand on your enemies. Different from other PUBG maps, Sanhok is not the map with large size. It will appear with narrower size, causing the matches to become more intense. With the image below, you will have a little grasp of all Sanhok map locations.

PUBG Official Sanhok Map
PUBG Official Sanhok Map

Besides Sanhok Map, don’t ever forget to check out some good updates and big changes made to PUBG gameplay as well as find out some new contents made for Sanhok only in the guide below!

Basic information about PUBG new Sanhok Map

  • Unlike other PUBG Maps, the size of Sanhok is extremely small. It has only 4km x 4km and is kind of smaller than Miramar and Erangel. Due to its small size, all battles on Sanhok become very tough to conquer. It can store 100 players and all of them must use their smart strategies with good tactics to fight one another for a chance of winning.
  • Some special alterations were made for PUBG Sanhok to suit its design.

New updates for PUBG Sanhok Map

PUBG new performance

  • Rendered players and vehicles in a discrepant way at a far distance. Thanks to this, the PUBG performance of the server is improved.


  • The in-game weather continues changing.
  • While players are waiting for boarding the plane, they can throw apples at each other.

Red Zone changes

  • The Red Zone now looks smaller a bit and the period of time it lasts on Sanhok map is longer.
  • The middle point of the zone is no longer inside the play zone. Hence, lots of survivors will be in danger if they are outside of the play zone.

Blue Zone changes

  • Already shortened the waiting time of Blue Zone on PUBG Sanhok Map but increased the travel time of it.
  • The Blue Zone can auto fix itself based on the number of players left on the battleground. This will be the deciding factor for the next Blue Zone, which tweaks the waiting and travel time of it (no impacts on the zone’s size).

Loot balance

  • Already tweaked the loot spawning rate on this PUBG’s new Sanhok map. By doing this, players are able to arm themselves with enough attachments and weapons for the battles.
  • You will now catch sight of more ARs, SMGs, and DMRs on Sanhok map after their spawning rate has been increased higher (5% higher than before the fourth testing).
  • You cannot collect 8x scopes and 15x scopes like before anymore. They will now be collected from the Airdrop boxes.


Some items on the server now have better melee performance, such as:

  • Character
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons


PUBG Official Sanhok World
PUBG Official Sanhok World
  • Now, there are some banner ads for PGI (PUBG Global Invitational tournament) that you can see on the buildings, billboards, and skins.
  • Made no changes to the skin of the Bengal Tier parachute, but it will be used as an alternative to the default skin.
The Skin Of The Bengal Tier Parachute
The Skin Of The Bengal Tier Parachute


  • QBZ97 is a new exclusive weapon added on Sanhok map.
Sanhok Map QBZ97
Sanhok Map QBZ97
  • This is a nice AR gun that uses 5.56mm ammo. There are 30 bullets stored in a standard magazine but it can be expanded to 40 bullets.
  • QBZ will replace SCAR-L in the Sanhok item list, and this means you can no longer use SCAR-L on the Sanhok map. QBZ 95 has a nice spawning rate, which is equivalent to 140% the spawning rate of the usual SCAR-L on Sanhok map.


  • No changes have been made to the accuracy when moving, switching the positions or aiming instantly.
  • For example, if the aiming mode is on to shoot more correctly, you must wait until the middle of the sight is steady, and then you can fire effectively.
  • For the winners or the winning teams, they will have 8 seconds to organize the winning celebration before the end of the combat and the appearance of the result board.
  • If you are a spectator, you can watch and enjoy this celebration.



PUBG Maps are currently divided into three maps. Players can select between 2 lists instead of 2 maps like before:

  • Battle Royale will contain Erangel and Miramar. You will be taken to either of them randomly.
  • Mini Royale contains Sanhok for now.
  • If you select both lists, you will be brought into one of the three maps in a random way.
Erangel and Miramar
Erangel and Miramar

UI improvements

There are some UI elements that got improved in PUBG Sanhok Map update. Check them out!

  • The friend list
  • Ranking board and Replay
  • The in-game popup and the popup in the waiting room
  • The popup displaying the status of the game searching
  • Other elements, like maps, bags, and result board
  • In-game mini-map
  • Depending on the movement speed of a player, the mini-map can zoom in or zoom out automatically. This will make players have a better field of view
  • Feel free to toggle the Minimap Dynamic Zoom feature in Settings
  • You can make the mini-map longer
  • The keyboard shortcut: N
  • All locations in the Blue Zone will be in blue now so players can see the areas better
UI Improvements
UI Improvements
  • Made an improvement to the Blue Zone warning above the map
  • Now all Scopes have a sensitivity option and they can tweak it at their will
  • The sensitivity will be given to all scopes
  • An option was also added to tweak the reticle color according to the RGBA color palette.
  • Made a tweak to the standby screen for more tips to be shown in the game


  • Cut down the airplane sound at the beginning of PUBG game.
  • Cut down the sounds made by players when touching the water.
  • Adjusted the airplane sound.
  • Made improvements to all weapon sounds.
  • Made improvements to the sound effects when grenades are tossed into the water.

Airdrop Box

  • Now you can see the Aviator box in the random boxes of the week.


  • Made an improvement to the effect when the bullets touch soil or water.
  • Also made an improvement to the water splashing effect when the grenades are tossed into the water.

Bug fixes

  • Made a solution to a problem about a character getting stuck in some areas on PUBG Erangel and PUBG Miramar.
  • Items that obstructed the movement on Erangel and Miramar maps were already wiped out of the game.
  • Made a solution to the grass issue on Miramar when it kept floating on the ground.
  • Made a solution to the sound using Adrenaline Syringe and lasting longer.
  • Made a solution to Mirado when it did not receive damage from grenades.
  • Made a solution to an issue causing the grenade effects to not go away after the intended period of time.
  • Made a solution to an error where adding bullets to a pistol was not right in the aiming mode when getting off of a vehicle.
  • Made a solution to a bug where several wheel’s parts were lost in case the tire got exploded.
  • Made an improvement to the interaction between objects and windows.
  • Made a solution to an issue when watching or checking responses, some parts of a weapon were lost in some cases.
  • Made a solution to a bug in which the sound effects of weapons being thrown after being burned were lost.

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