PUBG New Streamer Skins Are Purchasable Now In The Store

New PUBG skins for streamers are available to purchase in PUBG Console. Check them out and use your BP or G-Coin to buy them all now!

Check out PUBG new skins that were already released to PUBG Console with the new PUBG Update on June 27! With brand new PUBG Skins Xbox and PUBG Skins PS4, players will be able to dress up in brand new styles to refresh the outside appearances for their in-game characters.

There are some new skins that are accessible right now and they are in association with some of the famous Chinese PUBG streamers. All of these skins are purchasable in the in-game store, including XDD, XingHun, manson, chengzi outfits as well as other weapon skins. Let’s take a look at them now!

New skins for PUBG Console

Besides these skins as shown below, you should stay tuned and wait for more streamer PUBG skins that are going to be released in the near future. Furthermore, more cosmetics are getting new upgrades and you can achieve them using either BP or G-Coin in July. More details about this will be coming out soon.


XDD – New PUBG Streamer Skin
XDD – New PUBG Streamer Skin
  • XDD’S CRATE: 1,500 G-Coin
    • XDD’s Hoodie
    • XDD’s Pants
  • XDD’s Kar98k: 500 G-Coin


XINGHUN - New PUBG Streamer Skin 
XINGHUN – New PUBG Streamer Skin
  • XINGHUN’S CRATE: 1,500 G-Coin
    • XingHun’s Hoodie
    • XingHun’s Pants
  • XingHun’s AKM: 500 G-Coin


MANSON - New PUBG Streamer Skin
MANSON – New PUBG Streamer Skin
  • MANSON’S CRATE: 1,500 G-Coin
    • manson’s Hoodie
    • manson’s Pants
  • manson’s Kar98k: 500 G-Coin


CHENGZI - New PUBG Streamer Skin
CHENGZI – New PUBG Streamer Skin
  • CHENGZI’S CRATE: 1,500 G-Coin
    • chengzi’s Hoodie
    • chengzi’s Pants
  • chengzi’s M416: 500 G-Coin

That’s all for the PUBG Streamer skins that will be accessible and purchasable until July 26, 2019, Time TBA. Make sure you check them out and buy them if you want!

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