PUBG New State Release Date is in March 2021 With Completely New Improvements?

PUBG New State Release Date has launched, with many brilliant features you haven't tried! It's gonna become the most favorite battle royale game on mobile.

PUBG New State Release Date is said to be announced in March 2021 by many official reporters. This makes an explosion in the game community and attracts a lot of attention. Many people said that this PUBG Mobile 2 will improve with a lot of special features, such as weapons, plot story, graphic designs,… So what is the truth about this new generation of PUBG Mobile? Let’s check it out!

Maybe for the individuals who play games on their phones, it is no more interesting than the PUBG Mobile game, right? Furthermore, we have uplifting news for you, PUBG Mobile 2 (or we can call PUBG: New State) has authoritatively had a trailer and vows to have many fascinating enhancements. At the present time, we should go through the reports about PUBG Mobile 2 Release date (PUBG: New State) underneath to know better. We are always refreshing the article when there is the most recent data about PUBG Mobile 2 (PUBG: New State).

PUBG New State latest information about the release date and updates

PUBG Mobile 2 (or formally known as PUBG New State) will be created by an organization called KRAFTON from Korea. This is a smart step of PUBG Mobile when it wants to re-launch in the Indian market.

PUBG: New State will be created by KRAFTON, a game studio in Korea
PUBG: New State will be created by KRAFTON, a game studio in Korea

Indeed, PUBG Corporation (additionally from Korea) is the real developer of the PUBG game (on both PC and mobile). Toward the beginning of December 2020, KRAFTON and PUBG Corporation converged to turn into a game studio called PUBG Studio.

KRAFTON and PUBG Corporation converged to turn into a game studio called PUBG Studio
KRAFTON and PUBG Corporation converged to turn into a game studio called PUBG Studio

But since the game PUBG is prohibited in the Chinese market in view of its grisly and brutal picture, PUBG Corp has helped out Tencent Games to make a portable form solely for China called Game for Peace. Incidentally, Tencent Games is only a game engineer, and Tencent didn’t create the PUBG game.

Getting back to the principal character is PUBG: New State, on February 25, the authority trailer for this game was uncovered and set in 2051. You can have a look about this new generation about PUBG Mobile here:

PUBG New State Release Date is in March 2021

As indicated by 91mobiles, it is normal that this second era PUBG Mobile will be delivered in March 2021. However, it is just a beta (just tried in specific nations) and will be formally delivered before the finish of 2021. As per a respectable source from the PlayerIGN Twitter account, PUBG: New State, after its delivery, will go to the PC form and reassure gadgets (as an unmistakable difference to the original PUBG when the PC adaptation, support first, at that point cell phone).

All things considered, PUBG: New State will be a totally free application and created by KRAFTON (Korea), not identified with Tencent of China. This is an action to prevent violating the Indian government’s rules. In light of the fact that toward the beginning of September 2020, the Indian government prohibited PUBG Mobile and 117 other Chinese applications. Because they are blamed for suspected information assortment, regardless of whether clients are unapproved and bargain public wellbeing and security.

Up to right now, PUBG: New State still just permits Android cell phone clients to pre-register through Google Play, and iOS clients need to stand by some time longer to be enrolled. And to meet the PUBG Mobile 2 requirements, your phone needs to have a strong configuration for a smooth gameplay experience.

Numerous improvements of PUBG Mobile 2 – PUBG: New State

PUBG Mobile is as yet the king of the Battle Royale genre in the world and KRAFTON studio realizes that. Thus, maybe PUBG: New State will in any case have similarities with the original.

However, the second era of PUBG Mobile will give new highlights that are absent in PUBG Mobile. The most clear distinction is the time setting in PUBG: New State, set in 2051.

PUBG: New State is in 2051 and has a map called 'TROI'.
PUBG: New State is in 2051 and has a map called ‘TROI’.

Moreover, the Battleground mode will continue as before, with still 100 players on a map. However, it is renamed ‘TROI’ (rather than Erangel as in the first PUBG Mobile) and has a territory of ​​8×8 km. The size of this map has never shown up on some other survival shooter games available.

There are more super cool vehicles in this new state!

But since it is 30 years after the fact, the weapons, things and different highlights from vehicles to structures in PUBG: New State will become more modern than the present days.

Weapons, things, and different highlights from vehicles to structures in PUBG: New State is modern
Weapons, things, and different highlights from vehicles to structures in PUBG: New State is modern

As you can find in the trailer, we will have extremely advanced drones, vehicles like Buggy, Motor, UAZ or a strange vehicle (resemble a Honda vehicle). Each has an advanced look with a fortification fog light framework. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you effectively register for this game, you will likewise get a totally free uncommon vehicle skin.

Weapons will be upgraded in a more destructive way!

The dance arrangement obviously will likewise have certain upgrades, yet at the same time extremely recognizable as the first. For instance, in the trailer, a couple of weapons like UZI, Scar-L, M416,… be that as it may, the Red Dot viewfinder looks better and is significantly more digitized. Indeed, even PUBG: New State likewise has a generally excellent shield actuation, so we will actually want to plunder on the combat zone.

What’s more, obviously, PUBG: New State will in any case have the force circle, the Red Zone (the red zone for the besieging), however in the trailer each bomb falling is not as basic as the original PUBG.

At long last, PUBG: New State will probably be a cross-stage game, that is, players on various stages like versatile, PC or reassure gadgets (like PS5, Xbox, …) can be played together on a worker. Albeit this is only talk shared by leaker PlayerIGN (this is an exceptionally esteemed source identified with PUBG).


Also, a little while ago is all you need to think about the PUBG Mobile version 2 update – PUBG: New State. This is the correct time for PUBG to return firmly, just to reaffirm its driving situation in the fight imperial game market on the mobile platform. So what do you all think about PUBG: New State? Are you looking forward to this new generation of PUBG Mobile? Or do you want to know more about PUBG New State download? Remember to leave your remarks in the remarks segment and thank you for setting aside the effort to focus on our articles.

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