Discover PUBG Mobile & Arcane, A New Mode That Opens The World Of PUBG And LoL

PUBG Mobile & Arcane is a hot topic recently on mobile. So what is it and why is it so hot in the LoL and PUBG Mobile gaming communities?

PUBG Mobile & Arcane is currently the hottest keyword in the mobile gaming community in general and PUBG in particular. It marks the first collaboration of two of the most popular mobile games, PUBG Mobile and League of Legends (LoL). According to the latest information, this partnership will bring the world of Runeterra in LoL to the Erangel map of PUBG Mobile. It will create a perfect world where gamers can become characters in the “Arcane” series and join classic survival matches.

PUBG Mobile & Arcane is the most anticipated thing in PUBG Mobile 1.7

As you know, the latest update version of PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile 1.7.0, has been available to download on mobile platforms. In the series of new content and improvements, the ones with the theme “Arcane” are of the most interest. PUBG Mobile also revealed this cooperation with Riot Games and made many fans excited.

Arcane is a super hot topic in PUBG Mobile 1.7
Arcane is a super hot topic in PUBG Mobile 1.7

Finally, those revelations have come true and the “Mirror Island” mode is also available in the latest version of PUBG Mobile. So, if you are a fan of these two popular game series, you cannot miss this hot event.

What is “Arcane” and why is it so hot?

Since the series of rumors about PUBG Mobile & Arcane appeared, many global PUBG Mobile gamers have also questioned “Arcane”. You probably already know about it but we will give an overview of this series before talking more about the cooperation of Riot Games and PUBG Mobile. “Arcane” is the name of the recently released animated series on Netflix, themed on the world of Runeterra and the two cities of Piltower and Zaun. If you are a fan of LoL, it is not too difficult to recognize the main characters appearing in the movie. They are Vi, Jinx, Jayce, Caitlyn, and many others.

This movie mainly revolves around the lives of sisters Vi and Jinx (also known as Powder) and other forces around them. Thereby, it highlights the difference between the two cities, that is the modernity of Piltower and the badness of Zaun. Besides, this movie depicts familiar characters in LoL and their skills. Therefore, it both gives a sense of familiarity and makes gamers excited with its deep storyline.

What makes PUBG Mobile & Arcane attractive?

PUBG Mobile & Arcane is the keyword referring to a new mode in PUBG Mobile 1.7 download, which is “Mirror Island”. Here, gamers will have the opportunity to become characters from “Arcane” right on the Erangel map. It was a world with the upper floor being the world of Arcane and the lower floor being the familiar map of Erangel.

Parallel worlds of Erangel and Runeterra
Parallel worlds of Erangel and Runeterra

You will start with the upper floor first to join the fight with a series of characters such as Vi, Jinx, Jayce … with new equipment, weapons, and appearance. Then, if you fail, you’ll return to the Erangel map, continuing the typical battle for survival in PUBG Mobile. It can be seen that new and diverse gameplay is what makes PUBG Mobile & Arcane attractive. Especially, if you are a fan of both of these hit titles, you will enjoy it more than anyone.

This is not the first collaboration between PUBG Mobile and a separate publisher. Previously, this game had a lot of success when collaborating with Jujutsu Kaisen or most recently the song Baby Shark. But this time, it will make a memorable milestone for the latest update in PUBG Mobile 1.7.

Besides, this exciting partnership will encourage the further development of both games. And maybe, they will have many other projects in the future to open up a special world for fans. We can’t say this is true, but a lot of people are definitely expecting it to happen.

Events that set the stage for the Arcane theme in PUBG Mobile

The publisher of PUBG Mobile has made fans restless with news about the cooperation with Arcane. Besides, both sides also have moves to set the stage for the grand launch of this new content. The series “Arcane” premieres its first episode on November 7 on Netflix. Next, the latest update PUBG Mobile 1.7 was released on November 15. As a result, Arcane was introduced to the audience first as a way of promoting itself and for PUBG Mobile & Arcane. It is really useful to create a boom in both the game and movie fields.

Where can you find more news about PUBG?

So, are you excited about this exciting new content in the latest update version of PUBG Mobile? Follow more PUBG news here for the fastest updates on the latest information about your favorite game. You can visit this website anytime to discover more PUBG news as well as its updates from time to time.

With this release, you will find many other new features and content in addition to the “Arcane” theme mode. It’s the balance of weapons, optimization of the interface, settings, sensitivity …, the return of the old modes, the new season, the change in the ranking rules … You can discover them yourself in your own experience or find related articles on our website.

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