PUBG Introduces Exclusive Skins For Halloween 2019

PUBG exclusive skins for Halloween 2010 are currently on sale in the store. Go buy them now and try them on your character for an awesome Halloween look!

Halloween 2019 is a long-awaited event in all over the world, and now players of PUBG game can experience the Halloween feel right in the game by dressing up their characters with unique skins released by PUBG.

On occasion of the forthcoming Halloween 2019, PUBG game already released a wide range of fantastic skins for all gamers to enjoy. As you know, PUBG has always been a popular mobile app game drawing the attention of many gamers from around the world. Now, it will be more exciting when featuring new unique skins for Halloween 2019. There will be a big PUBG PC update coming out for this special event, containing new features, more contents as well as awesome upgrades for the gameplay.

PUBG Is Going To Release A New Update With Halloween 2019 Event.
PUBG Is Going To Release A New Update With Halloween 2019 Event.

PUBG Skins are so diverse with plenty of types to use. The development team always wants to make sure that the in-game outfits are always unique and brings a special feeling to the player. Therefore, the developers have always meticulously researched how to design costumes in the most unique way that no other games have. This forthcoming Halloween event in 2019 will be a great source of inspiration for developers to introduce exclusive skins to all loyal players of PUBG game.

Get ready to have new and awesome skins brought to you by PUBG Halloween 2019

Over the past 2 years, PUBG game has undergone multiple updates wit a lot of versions coming out to better the experience for all players. There are been many updates to wonderful PUBG events, and in the forthcoming time, on October 31, players will definitely have an unforgettable Halloween 2019 event with new skins to try on.

The PUBG development team will release the latest update 4.3 with many important changes. At the moment, players can get access to the update 4.3 on the test servers and this update will soon be available on worldwide servers. It is speculated that the new update will bring a change to the interface, which gives players a completely new experience.

New weapon - DBS in PUBG
New weapon – DBS in PUBG

In this forthcoming PUBG update, players will experience a brand new gun called DBS. This is a bullpup-like shotgun with duel barrels that is able to fire one bullet at a time and can be found only from the airdrop boxes. DBS has two magazines, allowing players to load up to 14 bullets. PUBG DBS Shotgun is able to dish out very huge damage in just a short period of time.

PUBG DBS Shotgun
PUBG DBS Shotgun

Also, PUBG Development Team has prioritized a bit for the shotguns in the game, like making changes to some stats of the guns, including Sawed-Off, S1897, S686, etc.

Not only the new game interface, but this PUBG update will also put the special skins on sale to celebrate this awesome costume event. The unique PUBG skins for Halloween 2019 will be on sale in the store from September 23 to November 13. The Leo costumes can be bought with BP. Players will get a 33% discount on skins throughout the event, which is the special thing that PUBG development team wants to give to the gamers.

That’s all for the unique Halloween-themed skins for PUBG gamers. Make sure you will not miss this special event. You can purchase some unique PUBG Halloween skins from the store and try them on your characters to have a new special look. Are you ready for this Halloween event celebration in PUBG?

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