PUBG DBS Shotgun – What’s Special in This “King” Of Gun

PUBG DBS Shotgun will be a new assassin in the PUBG 4.3 update version. With close-range fights, this weapon can produce the highest damage up to 234 per shot.

DBS Shotgun is the best shotgun in PUBG? Up until now, the shotgun is a quite difficult gun to play, so quite a few players use this gun to battle. However, in this PUBG update, Tencent has brought us a shotgun weapon with the most mobility and tremendous destructive power. These guns are quite rare and can only be found in airdrops. To see if this gun line is so special and is expected so much, let’s find out through the article below!

DBS gun portrait - a shotgun with the most destructive power in PUBG game
DBS gun portrait – a shotgun with the most destructive power in PUBG game

Why is this PUBG weapon so hot with players?

In PUBG 4.3 update, gamers will experience the unprecedented powerful Shotgun gun. DBS is one of the best PUBG guns for players. The damage of this weapon can be up to 234 and will be a new choice of warriors. This damage can make all the best defensive equipment like “helmet 3, armor 3” useless!

After a period of silence and lackluster, PUBG is now back stronger with the appearance of DBS, the most powerful shotgun in PUBG weapons. In particular, this shotgun series will be rebalanced, and will be included in the airdrop. As a dual-barreled, bullpup-style shotgun, the DBS can fire a single shot to destroy an enemy. This gun has two magazine cartridges inside, allowing a load capacity of up to 14 12-size bullets. Thanks to these combined firing mechanisms, the DBS can inflict massive burst damage on enemies in a short time.

The parameters of the DBS show that this gun is very suitable for close range
The parameters of the DBS show that this gun is very suitable for close range

The advantage of this DBS – the most dangerous shotgun

What’s to look forward to with the arguably the most dangerous shotgun in the shotgun series? One of the great advantages of DBS is that within close range this gun is extremely beneficial. The reason is its extremely high accuracy, allowing the player to move and shoot at the same time, but the target of the bullet is still correct. For many people this will be quite beneficial. It allows gamers who want to easily finish off an enemy in a short amount of time.

The groove on the DBS rifle allows players to attach a holo sniper, a red dot and a 2x to 6x rifle. With these properties, the DBS maximum effective damage range can be up to 100 meters.

Overall, the DBS is an extremely powerful weapon when shooting each other at close range. It can easily finish off an opponent in a single note, even if the target is equipped with level 3 armor. Therefore, it can be said that DBS is the “King of Shotgun” – an extremely fearsome weapon for melee battles.

Some disadvantage of this DBS Shotgun that players should notice

Despite being named the most dangerous shotgun in PUBG weapons, DBS still contains many disadvantages for gamers. The first downside is that it only appears in airdrops. That is why loot DBS will be extremely difficult for all gamers. This not only requires a lot of skills but also contains lots of risks. Not all airdrops appear, so many people are afraid of facing danger to find DBS. Besides, if you compete in Miramar map or any map where the battle has to fight from far distance, this gun also has a disadvantage over other weapons. DBS is not really for long distance fights.

For long-range battles, using the DBS Shotgun will be a huge disadvantage
For long-range battles, using the DBS Shotgun will be a huge disadvantage

Moreover, this gun also has quite annoying disadvantages when it often runs out of ammo quickly and reload time is quite long. This makes the player easily in danger while looking for alternative ammo. So gamers should consider choosing to use this weapon in certain cases.

PUBG Shotgun Guide for this DBS gun

To be able to effectively use the DBS gun, you first need to master this weapon. This requires you to combine many other skills to defend. In an attack situation, you will always need a place to back up and hide if you have not beaten the enemy. Also, remember that the accuracy of DBS is very high, so you can run, jump and shoot without any fear. This will be a great advantage because it makes the enemy surprised and dizzy. However, in certain situations you still need an AR or DMR to cover and fight at any distance. This will be extremely necessary at a long distance or if you miss and run out of ammunition from DBS.Currently, PUBG 4.3 update version has appeared on the test server. Soon, we will enjoy new features as well as new experiences of the new generation of shotgun – DBS. Do not forget to follow the latest

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