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Jonathan March 25, 2021

These are information related to the privacy policy of This website collects user information for a legitimate purpose and in many popular ways.

The relentless shootings and chases in PUBG PC are difficult not to attract others. And if you always want to read the specific and updated information of the website, it is essential to find out about our privacy policy. The omission of this content is a major omission. Read through the Privacy Policy for a better overview of the world you are about to enter.

Our website is not PUBG official. We only own informational content in text format. We also do not hold any image and game copyrights.

Screen and the features of PUBG
Screen and the features of PUBG

What information does collect?

During the game, we will collect some information related to you. However, these are very basic, not too intrusive in your personal life.

  • Information such as full name, email, phone number, date of birth, and possibly a few other basic things will be saved during the registration process.
  • Playtime milestones, match history, match results, ratings, and game metrics are also important information we need to collect.
  • We also credit your facebook if you agree to connect
  • Your location, country, cookies will be automatically saved when you play games

Why does collect this information?

It is no coincidence that we save the above information but this data will help us to do the following purposes:

  • Create favorable conditions for players to log in and play in the next times faster and easier
  • This is a real-time game so updating real leaderboards is essential so we save your achievements and numbs for that purpose.
  • Troubleshooting is faster and simpler
  • New product announcements at launch
  • Manage participants to avoid disrupting our game environments
  • Easy to receive comments from players.

What information are we not allowed to collect?

Since this is a game with violent scenes, it is not for children. Because of that, we do not collect information from children. Besides, we are not allowed to save too much private information about players.

How do we protect the information we collect?

You can completely rest assured that your information is 100% secure by our security system. Customer information protection staff work very hard to ensure the security of your personal information. If during the game, you feel any abnormality, please contact us by email. However, this Website does not have copyright on images and games, so the anomalies related to these 2 things are not within the scope of our processing.


You should also be aware that our collection of user information involves cookies and related technologies. Specifically, the Cookie we collect is an encrypted string of the website, which is directly on the visitor’s computer.

Cookies are popular to make websites operate and manage customers better and more efficiently. The website manager will know the basic information of the customer through these cookies for the purposes of more security and safety.


All technical safety measures will be to prevent privacy violations and website vandalism. Specifically, all databases are password sealed and accessible only by website operators.

Users need to be aware that our security systems are always subject to potential security breaches despite every effort to prevent them.

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