Matchmaking System Update in PUBG

Daegon Kim from the PUBG Matchmaking System Development Team has some words to say to all PUBG players. If you want to have an amazing Battle Royale experience in PUBG game, as well as learn all about PUBG events with PUBG new features, make sure you will not skip any words from the PUBG Dev Team.

Maximizing the Battle Royale experience for all players has become one of the most important missions for the PUBG dev team. By giving players fair play conditions within a tough environment, they can fully concentrate on the intense and earn themselves more amazing experiences. Matchmaking is such a significant thing to this objective, and it is also the high priority of the development team to make sure that players will have the best game experience ever.

The dev team does learn that the current matchmaking systems have not been effective much, and there were some areas that had to wait for too long to enter PUBG matches. For this reason, the dev team made a decision on working on improvements to better the PUBG matchmaking system in those regions. You can take a look at the new plans designed by the dev team below here!

The direction for PUBG Matchmaking System

  1. Map Select (Specific Regions)
  • AS-IS: You can pick any maps
  • TO-BE: Featured map, other maps, or random map
  1. Mode Select
  • AS-IS: You ought to wait for the queue or exit the queue
  • TO-BE: You will be recommended to join Squad mode if there is no solo or duo match found in a set time.
  1. Region Select
  • AS-IS: You will be taken to other areas if the matchmaking is not perfect.
  • TO-BE: You will be provided with a chance to alter areas if there is no match found in a set time.
  1. The matchmaking system was upgraded based on Network Latency
  • More ping restrictions will be given out in order to ensure that people that share the same pings will play together and will not inadvertently disturb the experience of other players.

Adaptive Matchmaking Feature in PUBG

The PUBG Matchmaking Feature Contains Different Options For You
The PUBG Matchmaking Feature Contains Different Options For You

With the image above, you will see that there is a feature that gives you many various options to play when you pick a mode and region. When you get in a queue and have to wait for too long to get in a Solo or Duo game, you will see a message popping up on the screen telling you to join the Squad mode instead. For example, in OC/SA region, if you wait for the matching in a long period of time even after switching to Squad mode, you will be recommended to join in another region. In case this problem keeps going on even after you move to the secondary region, you will be suggested to partake in Squad mode in that secondary region. This matchmaking system wants to make sure that you have plenty of choices to pick and they will lead you into the game as fast as possible.

Using the Matchmaking System by Regions in PUBG

Since PUBG is a famous Battle Royale survival game, it draws the attention of plenty of fans from across the world. They will partake in PUBG game in different regions. To make sure that the core values of PUBG game are given out in each region, the PUBG dev team has surveyed the matching pool and played features for every region and split them into three levels of interest, including normal, moderate, and heavy. After that, the dev team has changed the matchmaking systems of every level appropriately as shown below:

1. Areas that are undergoing normal matchmaking times – AS, KR/JP, SEA, and EU

PUBG Features A Wide Range Of Game Modes
PUBG Features A Wide Range Of Game Modes

If the waiting times take too long and already pass a certain time after matchmaking on Solo or Duo mode, you will see a pop-up message saying that you should join Squad mode instead.

2. Areas that are undergoing moderate matchmaking problems – NA

Queuing for a specific map has been adjusted to Random, giving you an equal opportunity to play every map. The PUBG dev team believes that it is very significant to have a choice on choosing the map to play on. When the matching pool of the NA region is seen, the team believes that it’s good to bring the players a choice of one of the map as an option, divided from the other group. Hence, the featured map (limited time) and preset match options will be now adding for a limited time.

Featured Map

Featured Map (Limited Time) In PUBG Game
Featured Map (Limited Time) In PUBG Game

With featured map (limited time), you are enabled to join whatever the current featured map is. The PUBG dev team hopes this is either the new maps or the ones which have got an important overhaul, like the forthcoming Erangel Visual Update. If there is a featured map, the random option will offer an equal chance of the remaining ones, except for the featured one.

This decision was sourced from the results from the internal data and simulations. The dev team will carry on creating more enhancements after collecting the feedback from the players and the data as soon as the system is live.

Preset Match

Various Preset Match options for you in PUBG
Various Preset Match options for you in PUBG

With the preset match option, players will be able to join their favorite map and mode outside of the common matchmaking options. You can check out more info about the preset match below:

  • A preset match contains various sessions that will have both perspective selections in Squad Mode for all maps.
    • TPP/Squad/4 maps (4 sessions)
    • FPP/Squad/4 maps (4 sessions)
  • Random Squad is only accessible in Preset Match. Therefore, you are unable to step into the room as a team.
  • Preset matches don’t include a waiting room. These kinds of matches will commence on the lobby of the game once 80 players have engaged in.
  • When in the lobby, the game will wait 2 minutes so the extra players can fill before the plane takes off.
  • When the match officially kicks off, it will be replaced by a new session in the preset match screen.
  • Preset match games will be regarded as public matches. Therefore, you will gain BP rewards, SP, Pass XP, and Weapon XP in the same way.

For the console matchmaking, it will adhere to this method as well. Random Match and Preset Match will be the available options.

3. Areas that are undergoing heavy matchmaking problems – OC/SA

A Random Match Will Be Chosen In PUBG
A Random Match Will Be Chosen In PUBG

These regions have been going through a tough time waiting for the matchmaking. Therefore, the PUBG dev team decides to keep working on better solutions for the PUBG players in OC and SA. At the moment, the team is reducing matchmaking pools to only allow Random map selection, which will pick from all existing maps in an equal way.


The matchmaking experience is very important and plays a big role to keep the fun of PUBG game going on. Although there is no excellent solution, those ones above are still strong enough to help most of the players fly into PUBG matches without too much trouble. The next step for the PUBG dev team is to place these systems to live servers so they are able to gather accurate data while players are experiencing them and will send feedback to the team later. The team definitely will keep working on new methods to keep the systems upgraded. If you have any great ideas or opinions, please send them to the team as soon as possible. This solution will be out with the subsequent PUBG update. All of your precious feedback is always welcome!

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