Launching PUBG Survivor’s Guide For All Gamers Worldwide

With PUBG Survivor’s Guide, you will have a better grasp of the PUBG game foundations, especially if you are completely new to the Battle Royale survival game genre like this. Everybody wants to be the last man standing when playing Battle Royale games, but this is not an easy goal to achieve without learning any guides. Make sure you take a look at PUBG Gameplay Guide, PUBG Controls Guide, PUBG Weapons and PUBG Maps for all necessary and significant information before downloading PUBG for PC, PUBG PS4 as well as PUBG Xbox One.

PUBG Survivors Guide
PUBG Survivors Guide

Detailed guide for all PUBG survivors

PUBG Survivor’s Guide will carry out through some phases, and at the moment it contains guides for gameplay, map, weapon, and controls for players to discover.

PUBG Gameplay Guide

The gameplay guide for PUBG game contains some awesome videos focusing on the fundamentals of the game, which will be broadened in the forthcoming weeks.

EP 01 What is Battle Royale?

EP 02 Lobby Navigation

EP 03 Starting Phase

PUBG Weapon Guide

With the weapon guide, you will have a better view of all PUBG weapons as well as learn some basic information about them, such as the magazine size and ammo type. See all the weapon images below!

Assault Rifles (AR) Weapons PUBG Guide

Sniper Rifles (SR) Weapons PUBG Guide

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) Weapons PUBG Guide

SG Weapons PUBG Guide

Submachine Guns (SMG) Weapons PUBG Guide

Sidearm Weapons PUBG Guide

MeLee Weapons PUBG Guide

PUBG Map Guide

PUBG maps are so diverse. The game contains interesting maps for players to discover, such as Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Camp Jackal. Each of them has their own hot spots for looting and expedition:


Erangel Map
Erangel Map

Erangel is the original map of PUBG game. It is known as an 8×8 island that has varied terrains, from open grasslands to tall mountains, together with multiple cities and towns combined in-between. The bigger part of the island is connected to the Military Base of Erangel by the two bridges. Due to this link, the route to and from the small island has become very dangerous.


Miramar Map
Miramar Map

Miramar is a desert-themed traditional map with 8×8 in size. Due to the sheer land mass, it has become the largest map in PUBG game. Most of its space is full of lands and a few small cities. Due to its rough terrain, driving becomes much harder, and because of the tree shortage, it becomes a sniper’s shelter.


Sanhok Map
Sanhok Map

Sanhok is the smallest map in PUBG game. It’s known as a thick island packed with trees and hills. The island is divided into 3 big parts by the rivers, therefore, players must estimate the dangers when traversing water or moving over one of the bridges of the island. Due to the size and amazing loot of Sanhok, the battle has become more hectic, crazier and faster than other traditional PUBG maps.


Vikendi Map
Vikendi Map

Vikendi is a snow-covered 6×6 map that brings an exclusive and fresh feel to all PUBG players. Thanks to its frozen bodies of water, many special vehicles traveling through the snow-covered landscapes, as well as outstanding footprints tracking down your foes, Vikendi has become a nice choice with a brand new way to experience amazing PUBG gameplay.

Camp Jackal

Camp Jackal Map
Camp Jackal Map

This is the PUBG’s training map where you are able to learn all the necessary things about driving, parachuting, using weapons and so forth.

PUBG Controls Guide

With this PUBG controls guide, you will be able to master all the in-game controls for all PUBG platforms, including PC, Xbox One and PS4.

  • For PC:
  • For Xbox One:
  • For PS4:
  • Video Guide:

At the moment, English and Korean are the two languages featured and supported by PUBG Survivor’s Guide. In the forthcoming time, more language supports will be added to the game for all the PUBG gamers worldwide to enjoy.

The main objective of the PUBG Development team is to make a feature that is able to help all players, from the newbies to experts, by carrying out things, like weapon comparisons with attachment selector, bullet drop graphs, heat-map and so forth. More information on these extra features will be coming out soon. Right now, you need to check out this PUBG Survivor’s Guide for your better PUBG gameplay experience.

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