Korean PUBG Mobile Limitation Stops Users Outside Korea And Japan From Playing.

Korean PUBG Mobile limitation has been established banning foreign users from accessing since this June 30th. Explore what these new restrictions are about.

Korean PUBG Mobile limitation has put an end to foreign access. Since June 30th, all global players will have to say goodbye to this well-known version for good. This PUBG Mobile news brings such an unfortunate event for worldwide users, especially Indians whose government banned PUBG Mobile India in 2020.

What is the Korean PUBG Mobile limitation about?

According to PUBG company, their KRJP build is only for local players meaning it’s only available for Korean and Japanese residents. The company suggests playing the local patch or the global build for those who don’t live in these areas.

Korean PUBG Mobile since June 30th won’t accept global users
Korean PUBG Mobile since June 30th won’t accept global users

The reasons given by the team are the cultural differences between each country and particular problems of different regions. Thus, the PUBG Mobile team encourages players to stick with their regional adaptation for the best service. They also emphasize that these changes solely based on the reasons above and doesn’t regard any discrimination or inequality.

The limitations are as follow:

  • If players who don’t reside in Korea or Japan use the KRJP patch, they cannot make any payment since May 1st.
  • The above objects would also face network issues when experiencing the game since May 1st.
  • PUBG Mobile KR will ban the player segment above for good since June 30th.
  • If you reside in India, the new regulations will all take effect from June 30th.

Indian players tried their best to bend the rules and play KR PUBG Mobile.

According to many, the real explanation behind these sudden limitations might start from the company noticing an unpredictable traffic rise in the Korean PUBG Mobile, resulting from India’s prohibition last year.

Many of them decided to install PUBG Mobile KR version APK and enter the game from different areas. The KRJP patch, one of the most popular versions worldwide, undeniably became the ultimate choice of most Indians.

But now, when the company started to take actions, Indians, again, found their ways to bend the rules. Ever since the announcement, Indian users have tried their best to access the KRJP version of the game using VPNs.

Indeed. VPN users might not be the main target of Krafton at first. Different from the streaming services, utilizing VPNs to play PUBG isn’t advantageous.

As VPN service conceals your actual location, it slows the data speed down, resulting in latency. In a game like PUBG, these issues are deal-breakers.

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