Korean PUBG Mobile Download: A Full Guide On How To Install And Play On Android

Korean PUBG Mobile download is one of the most FAQs worldwide. Download this KR version for free and enjoy this well-known battle royale game on Android now.

Korean PUBG Mobile download has been such a trendy question these few years. As an ideal alternative to the original game, Korean PUBG Mobile has surpassed many other options and become one of the most chosen versions globally. However, installing this popular KR version on their Android seems challenging for global users. Typically, you can only download the PUBG Mobile 1.1 Korean patch in the Korean CH Play or App Store.

However, there are several methods helping you play this well-known alternative on Android. In today’s article. we’ll cover everything you might need to download the PUBG Mobile KR version.

Korean PUBG Mobile 1.1 Version On Android
Korean PUBG Mobile 1.1 Version On Android

Korean PUBG Mobile Download: How To Install In Three Basic Steps Via TapTap

For those who don’t reside in Korea, you can effortlessly install this patch via TapTap Store within these three simple steps:

  • First, access TapTap’s official site and download its application.
  • Then, download the APK and press the ‘Install from unknown source’ button to install the application.
  • Open the application and search “PUBG Mobile 1.1 Korean“. Choose the most appropriate selection and press ‘Download’.

After that, you can experience playing the PUBG Mobile KR version immediately.

Download Korean PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK and OBB files

In cases that you have no extra memory to install TapTap, set up your PUBG Mobile via APKs and OBB files. To install the Korean version, click on this link.

The entire download process includes four steps:

  • First, download the 1.37GB PUBG file in the link above.
  • After that, tap on the ‘Install from unknown source’ button.
  • Then, establish the APK file without opening it.
  • Find the ‘com.pubg.krmobile’ folder (placed in the zip file) and copy it to Android/OBB.

After that, you’re ready to play. However, a reminder for you is never open the APK file before the copy process.

To sum it up

Now you have it: All the secrets, tips, and tricks on how to download and play the PUBG Mobile KR on your Android without being in Korea. Give it a whirl and you’ll find so much fun experiencing this fantastic game.

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