How To Survive In Hot Drop Of PUBG PC

To stay alive after jumping into Hot Drop in PUBG a survival game, please do not forget the best tips and tricks available here! Everything is free to learn!

About Hot Drop in PUBG

How To Survive In Hot Drop Of PUBG PC
How To Survive In Hot Drop Of PUBG PC

Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you can experience a dangerous situation called Hot Drop. It is a term that is also used in games set in Battle Royale style.

Hacienda del Patrón (Mirama)
Hacienda del Patrón (Mirama)

So, it describes a place or more where items gather. They are areas including multiple buildings, big cities, or central map locations. To PUBG, they will be schools, Pochinki (Erangel) and Pecardo, or Hacienda del Patrón (Mirama).

Top guides to keep living in the hot spot of PUBG

Different from skilled players in PUBG who usually choose Hot Drop to hone abilities, it is hard for the newbie to survive if they accidentally land on these regions. Here is the list of the most popular ways that you can use to escape deadly circumstances.

1. Parachute as fast as possible!

Fast Parachute
Fast Parachute

It is one of the PUBG Hot Drop tips that you will deploy.

Try to approach the roof quickly! You can find guns or evade shots of rivals nearby. If you get close to the target spot about 1.2 – 1.3 km, you can eject from the plane. The distance from opening the parachute to the falling point is around 150 m. So, you will loot sooner and defend yourself better.Opt for equipment

2. Opt for equipment

Opt for Equipment Weapon
Opt for Equipment Weapon

It’s not easy to search for good tools after landing in PUBG PC. If you see SMG and AR, please pick the SMG. It will allow you to defeat the foes first. You can combine it with skills such as hiding. To sniper rifles, they are useful for mid and late phases. They do not bring back any remarkable advantages in the early game, especially in the Hot Drop with high density and close-range matches. In emergency cases, you can single out the pan, crowbar, or fists. The list of all melee weapons in PUBG is obtainable for free.

3. Hide and move smartly!

Hide and move smartly
Hide and move smartly

As in PUBG Lite, do not forget to conceal your body from the view of other people and roam carefully! Always stay in high zones to observe easier! You can approach choke points when dropping into hot spots, or movement tactics of everyone around.

Moving skillfully will increase your survivability, too. Do not skip any sound, for example, footsteps or noises from vehicles!

4. Flexibility in combat

Flexibility in combat
Flexibility in combat

Keep in mind that Instructions or exercises are only relative! To PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile, you are advised to be flexible in fighting, for instance, scenes gathering encounters alike with Hot Drop. Do not perform any action carelessly! You must know when you can rush or put yourself out of sight.

5. Psychological factors are necessary!

It is another method from how to survive in Hot Drop of PUBG. Before you plan to carry out anything, you have to keep calm. It is an important key to look for dangers in the surroundings and solve them before it’s too late.

Good luck!

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