Get Ready To Play PUBG Cross-Platform On PS4 and Xbox One!

PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to play PUBG Cross-Platform together in October! It is coming and you should get ready to enjoy the new match from now on!

Play PUBG Cross-Platform on PS4 and Xbox One

According to developers, PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will quickly allow cross-play to work on PS4 and Xbox One. In other words, PS4 and Xbox One users will be able to enjoy together.

Here is an introduction clip the most important parts that you can explore in-game.

PUBG Cross-Platform on PS4 and Xbox One
PUBG Cross-Platform on PS4 and Xbox One

About PUBG Cross-Play Feature for Xbox One and PS4

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. owned a few big PUBG news to distribute during Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom episode of Inside Xbox. With the presence of the trailer for the game’s coming Season 4 update, which is created to launch soon on Xbox One after the release on PC last month, the studio declared that it was working on carrying out a highly requested feature: cross-play on consoles.

As stated by PUBG Corp., PUBG Cross-play for PUBG Xbox One and PS4 will be activated on the public test server in late September, along with a live rollout planned to occur in early October. When the feature is finished, Xbox One players can start their match in the famous Battle Royale game with those on PS4.

“Our first goal with cross platform play was for 100 players from both console communities to be able to play in the same match,” PUBG Corp. community manager Cecillia Lee wrote in an Xbox Wire post. “Our second goal was to improve our matchmaking times, which we expect to be shorter for due to the wider matchmaking pool.”

Indeed, “there was no word if cross-play will eventually be extended to include PC players as well”. Nevertheless, it is a crucial step for PUBG. It is a further sign that Sony is loosening its hardline stance against the practice. For several years, the company was criticized due to it did not support cross-play between PUBG PS4 and other platforms like Xbox One. After Fortnite became well-known, it has begun admitting some games like Rocket League and the Monster Hunter-like Dauntless to hold up cross-platform play.

For PUBG PC Season 4, it will appear on Xbox One on August 27th. The new season will bring back a visual improvement related to the original map Erangel, together with a series of upgrades for the gameplay and balance tweaks, and another Survivor Pass adding +100 rewards awaiting you to obtain. You’d better conquer missions and level the pass up.

Not only that, if you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, you should know that PUBG Mobile surprised us all this week with the release of the Infection mode – a third entry in the PUBG Mobile Zombies series of game modes. PUBG Mobile Infection is an asymmetric multiplayer mode set in a creepy location. It is a fight between defenders and zombies. On a relatively small Lost Harbor map, they rapidly generate a claustrophobic and controlled environment. It makes the action keep moving.

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