[FACEIT Global Summit] PUBG Classic: Group Finals Day 1 Ended

Day 1 of the FACEIT Global Summit Grand Finals in PUBG PC has finally ended. Take a look at the incredible action across the board and find out the champion now!

PUBG [FACEIT GLOBAL SUMMIT] Classic: Group Finals Day 1 Finished

The first day of the cool FACEIT Global Summit Grand Finals for PUBG PC has stopped. Are you ready to check out the great action on the board? There is a comprehensible pattern appeared, along with each of the four teams from the PKL being winners in the earliest 6 matches and recently occupied 4 slots of the Top 8. It belongs to the remaining part of the field to enjoy catch up to OP Gaming Rangers, who show off a 14 scores lead over the second position.

Here are the complete leaderboards at the halfway point of the Grand Finals:

The Rank Of The Best Groups in PUBG PC
The Rank Of The Best Groups in PUBG PC

It’s simple to search for the front runner of the Grand Finals is OP Gaming Rangers from Korea.

Here are the victors of each battle in PUBG for Day 3.

  • Match 1 (Erangel): Afreeca Freecs Fatal (Lambu / Style / NN / Shadow)
  • Match 2 (Erangel): Team VSG (Starlord / Daengchae / Hulk / Hwan2da)
  • Match 3 (Erangel): OP Gaming Rangers (BBABBO / DG98 / Temeria / Menteul)
  • Match 4 (Miramar): Shoot To Kill (Adam / Uncivil / PurdyKurty / aLOW)
  • Match 5 (Miramar): OGN Entus Force (Seongjang / Yakk / kAyle / indigo)
  • Match 6 (Miramar): 17 Gaming (yyxovo 17_shox 17_shou 17_Monkeyking)

The FACEIT Global Summit for PUBG PC ended with the final 6 matches on April 21, which started at 5 AM PDT. It revealed the name of the FACEIT Global Summit Champion. Leading 12 teams would obtain cash prizes.

For scores, the timetable, you can test them at pubgesports.com.

Grand Finals (DAY 2) Schedule

  • 4/21(Day 2) 5:00 am PDT: 16 Teams – 6 Matches

Streaming Channel

  • twitch.tv/faceittv

To learn about the PUBG Esports history, you can single out exclusive in-game items celebrating the FACEIT Global Summit. The commemorative jacket and mask were in PUBG until April 23 at 7:00 PM PDT.

Those who were watching on the real PUBG Twitch channel could gain in-game objects by operating the official Twitch extension. By guessing the conqueror at the FACEIT Global Summit, you could get a code to redeem stuff in PUBG PC.

The FACEIT Global Summit is the first PUBG Classic of the year. There was $400,000 with extra slots at the PUBG Global Championship on the line for the top areas.

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