PUBG Weapons

PUBG weapons are quite diverse, each with different strengths and weaknesses. After experiencing the game, have you found the most suitable weapon for you yet?

PUBG DBS Shotgun

PUBG DBS Shotgun – What’s Special in This “King” Of Gun

March 1, 2021 PUBG News, PUBG Weapons 189

DBS Shotgun is the best shotgun in PUBG? Up until now, the shotgun is a quite difficult gun to play, so quite a few players use this gun to battle. However, in this PUBG update,...

PUBG Groza Guide: Pros And Cons

PUBG Groza Guide: Pros And Cons When Using Groza For Combat

September 18, 2019 PUBG Weapons 1572

Is it true to say that Groza is the ultimate AR gun in PUBG game? This PUBG Guide will unveil all reasons and elements making that PUBG Groza Gun the strongest weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds....

PUBG: All About AKM

PUBG: All About AKM – The Gun Is Hard To “Tame” The Most

September 12, 2019 PUBG Weapons 692

About PUBG AKM Everything that we are going to show below is not only about the AKM but also becomes a piece in the top PUBG weapons guides that you can make use of their...

PUBG Weapons Guide Assault Rifles

PUBG Weapons Guide: How To Use Assault Rifles Most Effectively

September 4, 2019 PUBG Weapons 678

In PUBG Weapons List, it is impossible not to mention Assault Rifle which is one of the best weapons to attack enemies. You may have already learned some best weapons in PUBG, and Assault Rifles...