An Official Statement on Plans to Master Erangel Again

The PUBG team has just launched an official announcement on their plans to master Erangel once again for better gaming performance. As can be seen from several recent leaks of a map image, the players must have learned that the dev team was working on new ways to keep loot balanced, and otherwise enhance the maps, and Erangel will be the first one for that.

Plans to Master Erangel

Loot balance is such an important element of PUBG game, and the same goes for the map layout which is as important as the loot balance. For this reason, the dev team is putting their effort into working on it to make sure that all the changes will become much better when they are all finished. The dev team also has a plan to examine all the possible alterations to Erangel as soon as possible. Their plans for these examinations will be mentioned in the forthcoming weeks.

You should be aware that the leaked images are usually a snapshot in time and they cannot be used to depict the entire plan or scope of what is being worked on. The dev team is feeling so excited about checking out the complete picture, together with the thoughts and work they have been working on in order to remaster Erangel. Furthermore, they are even getting more excited to examine it with the players. Make sure you will never forget to send your feedback on this crucial change in making Erangel much better in the current PUBG environment.

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