All Melee Weapons In PUBG

About PUBG melee weapons

Melee weapons are a weapon type in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They are often regarded as the last option within combat. Note! They don’t own any range and they have a very low rate of fire.

If you get the drop on the rival, you can completely choose them to cause damage and even kill the target in a short time. However, it is not easy to do. You are recommended to consider them sidearms or weapons of the final method.

PUBG melee weapons details

There are four kinds of PUBG melee weapons in-game that you can find easily.

1. Crowbar


It is an extremely primitive item both in reality and in the match. To PUBG or PUBG Lite, a crowbar will have a limited amount of damage that is only a bit stronger than the fist but great to hit somebody’s head.

2. Machete


Although Machete look is more scary and sharper than Crowbar, it has the same level of damage and the hitting range as PUBG. Besides, a Machete can knock down the enemy with a slash in their head.

3. Sickle


It is also one of the melee weapons in PUBG mobile. It appears with the damage and range like Crowbar with Machete. Furthermore, it is sharp and it can cut something in a wink.

4. Pan


It may be the most beloved tool of many gamers in PUBG PC. A pan will possess the largest range and the greatest damage amongst the present melee stuff. Aside from that, it can cover your butt to block bullets. It is able to come with other amazing PUBG tips and tricks.

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Guides for melee weapons in PUBG

It is a cool guide for those who are going to select them to fight against others in PUBG, PUBG online and more.

Melee Weapons contributes a big part to the Best Loadouts for PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS. Therefore, please make sure that you can check out the page in case you plan to utilize them a lot. Moreover, it’s necessary to visit how to play the tutorial for PUBG to pick up more tactics.

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