All About BP Ecosystem Improvement In PUBG

The PUBG Development team is putting efforts into developing the BP ecosystem in PUBG game. Now, they will share some thoughts on BP (Battlegrounds Points) as well as on the forthcoming plans for it. You may have learned that all of you will receive a certain amount of BP at the end of every match. BP can be considered as a basic currency in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. By earning a lot of BP, players are able to buy new creates or limited-release items in the in-game shop. When PUBG game got advanced, together with more issues being fixed, it led to the advancement of the amount of BP in the economy. Let’s take a look at the upcoming plans for BP and find out some forthcoming items that you can buy with BP.

How to get BP in PUBG game

Before learning everything, make sure you keep this formula below in mind:

“BP = Reward for playtime + kills + damage inflicted + rank”

PUBG Development Team already solved acquisition balance in last September to ensure that gaining BP would become more compatible with the crucial goal of PUBG game. With the altered system, players were able to get BP in correspondence to the number of games that were played, no matter what mode or map they joined.

The Average BP Per Account Trends On PC Version In PUBG Game. *The Average BP Trends In Console Versions Are Probably Different.
The Average BP Per Account Trends On PC Version In PUBG Game. *The Average BP Trends In Console Versions Are Probably Different.

As can be seen from the graph shown above, there was still a significant amount of BP storing up through over time without being used by players. Obviously, players were provided with new options to use their BP so the currency could recover its reducing value.

The orientation of BP improvement in PUBG

The PUBG dev team wants the players’ time used for PUBG to be much more precious, and therefore, they wanted BP to be used for buying some amazing items on all PUBG platforms. The main objective for these items is to bring something to all player that they can work for it. The first BP new items will be available with the June patch for PUBG PC, and no planned time for deleting from the store yet, which means you just simply take your time then save what you want. Furthermore, the development team has a plan to allow you to utilize BP in different ways. For instance, they are researching on changing some forthcoming PUBG Survivor Pass tasks regularly at the cost of BP.


Each hour that you spend in PUBG game is always highly appreciated, and the development team wants to ensure that you feel rewarded for your dedication. The team hopes that the advanced value of BP will make it a more worthy reward for you, together with more items added. The new BP items in the June’s patch for PUBG PC are regarded as the first step, meaning the team will keep developing BP and making it a more satisfying reward as they extend its usage as well as launch more items. PUBG PS4 and PUBG Xbox One also will step forward with this orientation and plan. More information about this will be coming out soon. Like usual, make sure you always send your feedback to the development team to make PUBG game more developed.

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