A leak of a new version of PUBG on PS5

Play PUBG PS4 and do not forget to find out some interesting info about PUBG in PS5 along with a leak of an entirely new version of the game on PS5 for free!

Leak recommends an edition of PUBG game on PS5

Leak Recommends An Edition Of PUBG Game On PS5
Leak Recommends An Edition Of PUBG Game On PS5

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the console is obviously getting many troubles. The first launch is reserved for the PUBG Xbox One and on the PUBG PS4 afterward. Although PUBG is regarded as one of the top-selling games for the Xbox One, it is still a title that encountered a lot of bugs and brought other problems on the console.

However, PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile became successful names. Nevertheless, it seems PUBG might already get another support on the PS5. It’s said that the development team might also make a plan or more to release on a completely different generation Xbox Console. So far, there is no explanation of that matter.

A specific suggestion of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PS5

A leak from an unknown user of PUBG correctly guessed the news related to PUBG PS5. His forecast revealed the next production Ryzen CPU, ray tracing, 8k grand among other items. The post of that anonymous character showed a list of a 4k port of PUBG PS5.

If the details are in accordance with reality, PUBG will be FREE to experience in 4k and upgraded if you have a PS Plus Subscription. The PS Plus Subscription will soon offer plenty of available games that you can involve in without paying a penny. As well, it gave away PUBG back in January 2019.

Meanwhile, the creator Brendan Greene of PUBG has recently stated that he was deserting PUBG for a while to evolve the other project revolved around PUBG game download. We can expect that he will provide with something greater to the PS5 in the future.

2020 will be the year that you can play PUBG PS5 and grab more info with the full version and other games that are displayed on the list. PUBG PS4 console is getting closer to the end of its life cycle. In fact that it has been around for 6 years!

Until now, they do not determine how much truth from the current leak that they are able to trust. Nonetheless, if it predicted some of the objects accurately, there is a case it could be true. The way that PUBG PS5 is published will depend on Sony’s discretion. Not only that, it can be adjusted whenever. So, try to wait for what they have declared or a PUBG Update if you are a loyal fan of PUBG PS or PUBG Xbox One!

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